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26 August 2011 @ 11:13 pm
date night!  
We went to eat (kid-free!) and then went to watch Captain America. And then there was Yogurtland and acquiring the Hello Kitty spoons we were missing.

I have no particular deep feelings for Captain America. It was fun. The movie proved to me that Pillars of the Earth was not an exception and Hayley Atwell remains awesome.

I do have some silly crossover thoughts though:
- Steve Rogers' grandson has to be Johnny Storm. Steve finding that out would be hilarious

- the Marvel Universe is the alternate future of Lord of the Rings where Elrond took the One Ring and went completely fug-buck nuts and evil.

The easter egg at the end of the credits wasn't worth sitting through a bazillion names, if you've already seen the Avengers trailer.

Speaking of trailers:
- Tintin looks disappointing.
- I'm not going to see Amazing Spiderman but it'll be popular.

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