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25 August 2011 @ 08:16 pm
Still not up to speed totally  
oooh I was putting Semagic on my new laptop and it automatically asked if I want the Firefox extension. NICE. (so this is a test of my new client software)

I really need to just bring my old stuff off the old laptop to Melody. There's so much over there still. The rest of my pictures and gifs and fics! Music! I still don't have it, just because I want to be efficient. Maybe I shuold just be less efficient and DO EET already.

For the timestamp meme, deborah_judge requested the future for "Standing on the Edge", which of course, took over my brain as I dithered over it. I wrote a fic for it, and then I went back and I rewrote a big section. But all my changes got lost and it reverted to the old version! *sad face*

But now let me push post entry and see how it works! (and then try to remember how to add dreamwidth)