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23 August 2011 @ 11:12 pm
update! and Timestamp meme  
So I've returned from my adventure in eating too much food (my relatives, man -- we have a pile of cookie boxes and that's after the spouse took two boxes of chocolate macadamia nuts to work), getting a nice tan (for me; ridiculously pale compared to 80% of SoCal), and settled into another week of me and the kidlet on vacation. today -- Dinosaurs!

- happening right now - BSG Kara/Sam Ficathon Signups!
(500 hundred word minimum! Come play! MY OTP NEEDS MORE FIC)

- Battlestar Epics bsg_epics is doing the timestamp meme.(y'know: any story, and what the characters are doing later on.) How am I supposed to pick one? The canon ones don't work because, we know what happened an hour to ten years after the story. Which leaves ... I don't know. SEVERAL.

Here is a list of my BSG fic if anyone would like to pick one for me! And discover the future of one of the stories.

Or any other story for that matter, for my non-BSG peeps.

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