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02 August 2011 @ 05:12 pm
As much as I mock "Teen Wolf" for the overwhelming TEEN-NESS of it all, it does do one thing better than any I've seen in a while -- menace. There's a sense that people are in danger which I haven't gotten from, for ex, TVD in a long, long time. (and JR Bourne has definitely refined his ability to be affable one minute and a really fucking scary dude the next. And he's not even the scariest person in the cast.)

Which I suppose means that I've started to care about them all, even the kids. *sigh* But I'm not writing porn for them! I refuse! lol

Not that I'm writing porn for anybody, at the moment. I started K/S for porn battle -- and 1500 words later, there's still no porn to be had. Self, really, not everything has to be death and despair, and the rest of the Endless...