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28 July 2011 @ 03:13 pm
have laptop, will travel  
I'm amused that I'm loading pages faster on LJ now. The site does seem significantly better right now, to me at least, as if the attack has subsided or the extra resources are paying off for people like me whose only problem seemed to be server load.

I'd be more willing to switch, but DW still seems so small. Many fandoms aren't represented at all, or barely, and something like [community profile] bsgfanfic is a year inactive. IT IS VERY SAD. :(

But if more move, then there'd be more stuff. I do not like my fandom looking DEAD. BOOOOO. :( :(

ETA: It crossposted! woo, now we know LJ is coming back up. yay

Crossposted from DW There are comments over there. Feel free to comment wherever.