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26 July 2011 @ 10:46 pm
Watching Star Trek Nemesis on Syfy. Haven't seen it in many years and it's kind of ... different after the Reboot movie. I like it better than I used to anyway.

Also I still ship Beverly/Jean-Luc really hard. And Will and Deanna are hotter than I recall (the benefits of aging up to meet them I suspect. *g*)


I've discovered a bit of a squick with characters are too young for me now. Like on 'Teen Wolf' I think I'm a little too aware that most of the kid generation actually could be mine though that's not stopping me from shipping everybody on TVD. It's not like Teen Wolf is any less Dawson Casting, maybe because the show is more specifically written to teens.


Speaking of porn, Porn Battle prompting continues. There's one that's specifically BAITING ME. :D :D (Anders/Malek? ♥ ♥)


My issue with LJ is kind of weird - every time I try to load a page the entire screen goes black (I mean, even wiping out Firefox, the whole thing), and then a second or two everything comes back. Scared the hell out of me the first time it happened! I suppose it's a variety of timing out

And word is that clearing your LJ cookies has helped some people. Doesn't help me, but give it a try if you're having a problem.