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19 July 2011 @ 11:31 am
three of my favorite things  
Trucco, TV, and music. And fanfic, I suppose makes four. :)

I've been making a Black Sails fanmix. Like it's that close to done. Which it's not (though it is closer, so that's a yay). But I can tell you, you know your fic is deep in your brain when you wake up with "Helter Skelter" stuck in it, even when you haven't heard the song in months. Well, OOOOKAY THEN BRAIN. (but you couldn't have chosen a track that's already on my machine? hrmpf)

Not news, but Michael Trucco remains hot.


I may be a little over excited for this episode which doesn't air until October. :( :(

And also a recent article says he's still on deck for more HIMYM, just not as much as they'd hoped. \o/

I have this unshakeable belief that he and JR Bourne get together weekly to drink and mock the hell out of Teen Wolf.

Haven't watched 'Covert Affairs' this season, but I'm in for the Auggie backstory ep tonight.

Also, I'm enjoying 'Falling Skies' quite a bit. it's unspinning the mythology at a lovely pace and I'm liking the characters more and more. I think I see a bit of Verheiden's hand in last week's when Anne admitted she didn't have anything to put on the wall -- I'm sure it occurred to him during Bsg that not everyone would have something to put up the memorial wall. It would hurt a lot to know you have nothing left (especially when you have to watch someone else get something else back). Poor Anne - she killed that scene.