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29 October 2006 @ 08:14 pm
Collaborators and Stuff...  
Short person being sick again, I haven't had much time or attention for online stuff. I managed to watch BSG Collaborators, sort of. I missed a little in the middle, and the last fifteen minutes were with the closed-captioning on while rugrat slept on me. He's such a baby when he's sick (welll, so's the husband, but I don't have to carry him when he's sick).

Haven't written a word for four days, by the way. Sucks.

The Circle. gulp. 'StarChamber' justice. I'm glad Anders got out when he did. I'm surprised Tyrol stayed as long as he did, since he didn't lose anything. Although perhaps it was the thought of how close he came to losing Cally driving him. Jean and Seelix continue to be as hardcore as Tigh. Charlie and Tigh were clearly in it for the personal vengeance, which is understandable if not admirable.

The Gaeta show! Poor Gaeta. Man, I felt sorry for Gaeta and just wanted to pet him the whole episode. Finally the truth came out. Gaeta was saved! And he's back in uniform. I understand why he didn't, but still if I were Gaeta I would've tried telling the Circle about the dog bowl. He must have guessed at least ONE of those people there was a member of the resistance (and they all were) and might be his contact for the dead drops. He's kind of lucky that Kara went all psycho on him.

Kara/Sam. Sigh. I knew it was gonna end, I just didn't think it'd be over so soon. I'm still sort of hoping that he gave the tag back and said it to get her attention, a sort of threat in context that if she went through with killing Gaeta they were over. No, I don't believe that's what was intended either, but that's my fanon and I'm sticking to it (until canon blows me out of the water). I am curious about what Sam's going to do now. 'Resistance leader' isn't a skill set much needed in the Ragtag Fleet, and since I can't think of any other hints about what he was doing on New Caprica the missing year (besides play Pyramid), that's not much help.

But anyway, Kara is messed up, and I think the Star Chamber stuff hit him pretty hard, too. Like he said, the war was over, to him. He could justify killing while the war was going on, but afterward, he just couldn't do it. So they're both wanting to handle their trauma alone, even though they could probably help each other. But yeah, I'd like Helo and Sharon to sit them down and patiently explain a few home truths about how to deal. ("Not giving up" anyone? He didn't, and because he didn't, she couldn't.) Different characters, different set up, I know, but still...

Ok, ok, no more K/A 'ship stuff.

Zarek is an interesting guy. He reminds me a little of Baal actually. They both can see a clear danger coming -- and yet then do absolutely the WRONG thing about it. Wrong in terms of morality, but also just sheer practicality, because their vision is restricted by their own egotism. Like the star chamber plan ... taking him at his word, Zarek wanted to take care of the traitors, so Roslin wouldn't have to. He was right, in the sense that those trials would be a chance for grand-standing and apologia and would drag everyone through more trauma that the Fleet doesn't need. But then, because he couldn't see another way and refused to give her a chance to find another way, fifteen people (at least) died, who wouldn't have. (Although this being Airlockin' Roslin I'm not sure she wouldn't have -- I wonder whether her gesture of amnesty was, in part, due to her distaste of *Zarek* doing it, where if it were her own decision, she would've justified it. But then, I am rather, er, cynical when it comes to Laura. Mary McDonnell is brilliant, and gives Roslin far more grace and sympathy than I think the character really deserves).

Tigh is losin' it. Oh yes. But was he really saying "toaster lover" to Helo? I thought when I was watching that he was still talking to Gaeta. Not that Helo won't think it's directed at him, regardless. He must get that a lot, though hopefully less often now that Sharon saved everybody's bacon.

Speaking of the Cylons, I wonder if Leoben in connected to the Missing Five? He seems like he might be a bridge of some sort. We have the six ordinary models: Cavill, Three/D'Anna, Doral, Six, Simon, and Eight/Sharon. These are the ones we see all the time (with varying levels of 'all the time'), and were the ones running New Caprica. But Leoben didn't take part in the council session on Colonial One. He had empty skins close enough to download into again after Kara kept killing him, so it's not like there aren't *any* of him, but he certainly seems rarer and not ... participatory. He certainly seems different.

And God, please make tomorrow the day after the election. Please. I don't need the extra week. Really.

I especially don't need the SAME five political ads, every single commercial break!

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weissmanweissman on October 31st, 2006 01:15 am (UTC)
Here are my observations

Tigh was talking to Helo (Toaster Lover Comment) and with the look on Helo's face, if Tigh had said one more word, Helo would have closed his mouth for him. I think Helo is to the point that enough is enough. Sharon is his wife.

I think Tigh is basically over the edge, and I don't think he can be fixed. I think Adama will relieve him of duty soon. I mean at this point I believe that even Adaam will not suffer bad remarks about Sharon from anyone.

I was afraid for Tigh this episode. I mean, what would have happend if they had murdered Gaita and then found out he was the man on the inside. Would they have turned themselves in, so they coudl face jusitice? I don't think the chief would have survived it.

I liked Anders, but you know what. Bottom line. I don't think Kara and Sam love each other now, and I am not sure they ever did. When Sharon had her moments of doubt, self hatred and dispare (though not as violent as Kara). Helo said "I love you and I am not giving up on us" . When Kara is going through the same thing and confronts Sam. Sams answers is "OK". Sharon and Helo truly love each other, Sam and Kara, I don't think so.


lizardbeth: Helo-Sharon fanficlizardbeth_j on October 31st, 2006 11:31 pm (UTC)
Tigh is definitely having a problem. I think Adama realizes that, and is doing what he can to support him, by bringing him on duty. But that only goes so far as Tigh not interfering in the running of the ship. Tigh's actions in CIC went beyond the pale - not just his insult to Helo, but he was also going against Adama's express orders regarding Gaeta. Adama won't tolerate that. But I also think Adama won't relieve Tigh of duty all together, unless the ship is in danger from him, because he knows that Tigh has nothing else to keep him alive.

I guess I don't see the situation between Kara/Sam and Helo/Sharon quite the same. While it would have been a true demonstration of love for Sam to say he wasn't giving up on them as a couple (and I would've liked that a whole lot), I don't think that the reverse is true: i.e. that he didn't say it means he's doesn't love Kara. He's trying to give her space. It might not be what she needs, but it's definitely what she wants. I also think he's doing the "I'm gonna break up with you, before you break up with me, because it'll make me feel better." So yeah, he's an idiot, and I hope Helo tells him so.

Anyway, I don't care much whether they're together or not, but I'm sad because without their relationship, there's not much reason for him to be around. And I like him. :)
weissmanweissman on November 1st, 2006 12:15 pm (UTC)

As far as Tigh is concerned, I think he is just going to get worse and worse.

You make good points. I, at least the way I feel, would have expected more a fight out of him. Not for him to give up so quickly. Space is one thing, running away is another.

It would be nice if Helo were to have a discussion about Kara with Anders. It would be great for both Characters

Bob W