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13 May 2011 @ 01:41 pm
All these feeeelings...  
So I'll take this lunch to scribble down some things on both the TVD and Nikita finales.

A lot of people were dying in this episode. Not just the obvious Damon (Which was what i obviously referred to before ep), but Jeremy, Elijah, and Stefan as well.

Damon's was a no-brainer that he wasn't going to die -- I think the only people who thought it was going to happen was Damon, Elena, and the CW marketing department. Even the interviews (with like Julie and Nina, were pretty open about not trying to spin that as an actual mystery). The question was never was Damon going to survive, the qustion was always what was the price going to be?

(and it's easy to say that any price is too high and really, he should die - well, yeah. But that was never in the cards)

But this price? Yeah, pretty damn high. And if people were bitching about saving Elena at the cost of three other people instead of "just" Bonnie (which they did), then presumably we'll all be up in arms about the price of Damon's life when Stefan starts massacring people. *rolls eyses* yeah right.

But in any case, it was a perfectly Stefan thing to do. He can't let Damon die- he's had chance after chance, and he won't take it. He told Elijah as much last ep, and this ep proved it beyond a shadow of doubt. Anyway, all the hearts and candy-kisses for Paul for killing it last night as Stefan sold his soul to the devil and it's going to be one hard road to get him back.

(the Delena shippers optimism that he's "gone" cracks me up though. If S.3 picks up like S2 did, they haven't even left town yet.)

But I'm excited for the storyline. While I feel just awful that Stefan is exactly what he's been afraid of becoming all along, I do want to see Stefan as more than just Elena's quietly noble bf. PW is capable of so much-- it'll be painful but so awesome to see him go all Darth Vader under the Emperor's tutelage.

Though ... I never wanted a shot of Vader in Palpatine's bed quite as much as I want to see Stefan and Klaus in bed together. (I'm sorry - bad shipper!) I don't ask for kissing, but a shot of them in rumpled sheets half-naked to make it very clear what's going on would be PERFECT. because Klaus wants Stefan's everything, to break him past mending, and you know he would do it, predator that he is. Also it would be hot and wrong and would give S/E something to get over besides whatever he does as Klaus' kill buddy, because we already know Elena will forgive that in a heartbeat and if he 'betrays' her with Klaus (or anybody, really), he'll have a hard time getting over that.

So anyway, Stefan is another 'death' - not literal, but certainly in every other way that counts, "Stefan" was dying all ep and he was gone by the end. *sniff*

gosh, other things happened, too. I should mention them.

CAROLINE AND HER MOM. awwwwwwwww. *tears* That was so sweet. I hope it sticks and Liz is now over her reflexive "kill them all" thing, estrangement from Caroline.

Jeremy. AND ANNA AND VICKY. wow, awesome. Jeremy's another who was dying -- and dead -- and while he came back it was with the awesome consequence that he SEES DEAD VAMPIRES. They filmed it deliberately ambiguoulsy -- it's outside of his pov so they could have independent existence OR be a figment of his imagination. The bit of Vicky when I recognized her was fabulous and then it got a zillion times better seeing Anna. (it was kept amazingly on the down-low for this day and age. color me impressed.)

People who say Bonnie doesn't love Jeremy? I don't know that she's totally IN love with him, but good heavens, she's known him since she was little. She just watched their guardian die,and performed another spell that killed another. Of course she loves him and desperately doesn't want him to die. bah. (before the ep I was pretty convinced he would be the one to bite it in the ep, so I was all "Yep, called it" and then the show was like "Nope, there's an app for that!" psych!)

Sometimes Katherine is just too awesome to be real. Watching Stefan, there, appalled fascinated, maybe a bit pitying? Maybe relief that Klaus has a new plaything who isn't her? And then taking the blood to Damon, and being so deliciously snarky to D and E. It's funny to me how so many people read her "it's okay to love them both, I did." as, like, real permission, or validation, when to me she was saying "Love them both. I did. And look how well THAT turned out." But LOVE HER. (and kind of excited to see Klaus and Stefan chase her for at least a little while, if that happens.)

Before, I was more concerned that they were throwing Stefan under the bus to get to D/E. But I'm not so much now. It's not as if he's just spontaneously falling into evil for no reason (which would be character assassination, IMO), but he's being pushed, deliberately, by Klaus. And seeing him struggle with it, and seein the other characters try to save him (because they will), should be/could be a good arc for exploring what else and who else Stefan is, and the others,too. Stefan just raised the bar VERY high on Damon -- is Damon willing to make the same sacrifices to save his brother from a fate worse than death? Is he going to try for a solution more inventive than killing things?

But overall I thought it was a fitting end of the season - we've transitioned out of the curse and all that into new storylines which at least right now, seem more character based, more revelatory, less external. Less convoluted. Which will help immensely if they can take advantage of it.

I... just blew all the thinky thought above, so I don't have any left for Nikita. But this show just keeps shaking things up amazingly. More later, maybe.
M: TVD - Stefan/Carolinemfirefly10 on May 14th, 2011 02:44 am (UTC)
A lot of things about the finale pissed me off but I LOVED the Liz+Caroline bits, as well as the fact that we may now be able to see lots of the characters we've lost.