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22 April 2011 @ 02:40 pm
Okay, clearly I am only doing this because I have many other things I should be doing, but ...

Ok first, I am glad as how I have people on my flist who love Stefan and Elena and Elena/Stefand and also think Damon is A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PERSON who needs a fucking lesson. well, okay in the really real world I would want him dead but seeing how that isn't going to happen, I will settle for him getting a clue about human beings. He started to, early on, but he's actually now farther back than he was when he broke Jeremy's neck.

And anyway, I am glad that I don't have to be out there among the Damon fans who -- okay, you lurve Damon, fair enough, he's a fictional character. like, it is no secret that I love Baal from SG-1 to the tips of his toenails and he has done some VERY BAD AWFUL THINGS. Ex Deus recap monday, yay! SO, y'know, not casting stones.

BUT. what I cannot stand are the fans who can't acknowledge the bad behavior as BAD. Having A reason isn't good enough -- everyone has a reason for doing things. The worst people often have all kinds of justifications.

(but that said, I also think it's easy to forget there's a difference between explaining something and excusing it. Saying how Damon's fucked in the head doesn't make his actions right, but that doesn't always mean the person is saying the actions aren't wrong either. discussing is not condoning, okay? That needs some separation as well)

However, I earnestly hope that the show is setting Damon up for a massive fall. His petulant arrogance desperately needs comeuppance, not reward. I'm already tired of the people who think he was right to be a dick to Elijah and said Stefan was kissing Elena and Elijah's ass stupidly. Which is why I can't tell you how much I want Elijah to be totally Team Elena (or at least "Team Save the World, even if that might mean Elena's unfortunate death")and reward Elena and Stefan's faith in him and each other.

um, crap, where did the time go?

Ok, short notes.

Tequila-dancing was random but wonderful.

As was Stefan watching Klaric in the kitchen like a leopard was loose on the grounds. And then he KICKED HIS ASS. YOU GO STEF.

Flashback!Human!Kat was sweeter than I expected.
I'm of the opinion that the original "doppelganger" was Klaus and Elijah's mother, though, not their lover. Klaus never seemed like he was "in love" with Kat at all, he was just there to use her, and Elijah was fond of her, because she reminded him of whoever, but it didn't feel "in love" to me. But I am prepared to be wrong on that point, as the paralleling is SO FIERCELY ANVILLICIOUS.

um, Greta is either being compelled by Klaus, or she was never really kidnapped.

VAMPIRE WEREWOLF HYBRID WITHOUT HIS WEREWOLF HALF. I don't even know what to do with that. I mean, it makes sense (as far as such things go), except he must have 'become' a vampire later since his mother couldn't have been a vampire yet, since vampires can't procreate human-style.

The thought of Klaus and (four hours later: I have no idea what I started to say here. Never mind)

Elena is awesome. Stefan is awesome. Elijah is awesome.

Maybe more later, but I have to be done for now.

That ep made me want to make Klaus and Elijah meet Jacob from Lost. Immortal Club meeting!
cujoy on April 22nd, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC)
You took a lot of those words right out of my mouth. Especially this:

However, I earnestly hope that the show is setting Damon up for a massive fall. His petulant arrogance desperately needs comeuppance, not reward.

I swear I've read more than one fangirl talk about how Damon "deserves" Elena and I want to shake them.
lizardbeth: Anders- Helolizardbeth_j on April 23rd, 2011 06:25 am (UTC)
oh ugh, I know. "dserves." do none of these people think?

And I also hate how making Damon all woobied ALSO comes coupled with making everything Stefan does wrong. SHUT UP ANNOYING PEOPLE

I'm thinking comeupppance is in fact on the table -- but it's almost certainly going to come at someone's expense, which is a pretty damn expensive lesson.

(btw, could you cut your post? that's a whole lot of spoilers there)

M: TVD - Katherine in all of her badasserymfirefly10 on April 22nd, 2011 10:14 pm (UTC)
I loathe Damon. Like, really really loathe him. That being said, I have no problems with people who like him...unless they start excusing every disgusting thing he does and blaming EVERYONE but him for it. If the show was actually writing Damon as a villain...well, I can't say I'd like him because what he's doing to Andie/did to Caroline makes me want to stake him violently but I'd at least have less RAGE about the whole thing if we were supposed to hate him.

Damon aside, I actually kinda liked this episode, despite having no Bonnie or Caroline in sight. Elijah went from my 'don't know how I feel about him' list to my 'like' list. I really hope he doesn't wind up screwing Elena (and Stefan) over by not keeping his word.
lizardbeth: Katherine - no ruleslizardbeth_j on April 23rd, 2011 06:36 am (UTC)
gonna be sad if Elijah screws them over somehow. But I think (hope) that he will keep his word, because I'm pretty sure it's Damon who's going to fuck it all up anyway. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT HE DOES.

stupid Damon.

heh. TBH, I do wonder sometimes if Julie and Kevin sit around and wonder just how far they can push him and STILL some people will want him with Elena. Like each ep is a test: "Is he across everyone's moral event horizon yet? How about now? Okay, hm, Now? C'mon, now? Surely NOW." Like they're trying to kill the triangle and it just won't DIE, no matter what they do.
M: TVD - Stefan/Elena are adorbsmfirefly10 on April 23rd, 2011 06:53 am (UTC)
I'd like to think the writers at least discuss what they're doing with Damon and wonder how the audience will react. I'd like to believe they're trying to push us into disliking him (though I've been there for a long time.) I'd like to believe they're intending to turn him back into the villain of the piece...Sadly, I don't think this is the case at all.
chosenfire28: Vampire Diaries - Stefan/Elena chosenfire28 on April 22nd, 2011 11:09 pm (UTC)

I have so much rage to the Damon fangirl that insist Elena isn't good enough for Damon and he can do no wrong, and anytime you call him a rapist or abusive they cry about his personal damage and OMFG Damon just get over it already, you had bad taste in women, get over it!!!

This episode made me love Elijah and I just love the brothers parallel they are doing, and OMG Stefan siding with Elena, like he should be, because that is why I love the relationship, she makes her own choices and he respects them, he respects HER!
Megan: vd: i break my icon rulesmeganbmoore on April 23rd, 2011 04:17 am (UTC)
Hi! Was linked here by a friend. i haven't seen the episode yet, but have to read "this is why damobn sucks" posts to maintain my faith in humanity fandom. (No, fandom, it doesn't even count if they might have consented. What matters is that he REMOVES THE ABILITY TO CONSENT. And then adds tons of abuse and insults and patronizing.)

OK< so, I have been devouring the family reveals and My Theory (this is basically my latest "GIVE ME MEREDITH!" theory) Is that the original Petrova was their sister, and the only sibling who remain ed human. My theory further holds that Elijah's daddy also had a child with a different woman, and that child was the first witch (Meredith-carrying over from her role in the books of being the one who knows how to kill klaus) who used the only human who shared their blood (with her consent) to create the curse. Or something along those lines.

I also started developing my Meredith/witches/Elijah theory when Elijah was fixated with finding the witches' resting place, and have been adjusting it ever since.

(Uhm...Meredith is one of Elena's friendsin the books, and her grandfather was the only living person to ever meet Klaus and survive-which put him in an institution his whole life-making her the key to finding out how to kill klaus. Bonnie in the show is fairly similar, personalitywise, to Meredith in the books, though more lighthearted whn the weight of the world isnt on her.)
M: TVD - Katherine in all of her badasserymfirefly10 on April 23rd, 2011 06:58 am (UTC)
(No, fandom, it doesn't even count if they might have consented. What matters is that he REMOVES THE ABILITY TO CONSENT. And then adds tons of abuse and insults and patronizing.)

EXACTLY! Everything that happened from the moment of compulsion is some form of rape/abuse/victimization because these women have no ability to CONSENT TO ANYTHING. Damon took that away from them.
lizardbeth: Elena-Carolinelizardbeth_j on April 26th, 2011 05:31 am (UTC)
ignoring Damon fangirls because yeah, they're awful.

Hm, I have not read the books, so I know very little about Meredith,except that the EPs continue to mention her as someonee eventually on deck, but not yet. But it would be funny if it turns out Bonnie is related to Klaus and that the real reason she's able to kill him. or something even more convoluted. :)

It could definitely be a sister who is the original as well - I like mother better since I think Klaus would be more likely to be less caring about his mother's doppelganger since he's gotta resent her. But I grant you it's more likely to be a sister, from a purely practical standpoint of this person has to be played by Nina Dobrev, if she's ever in flashbacks or what-have-you, so it's not likely to be someone old.