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15 April 2011 @ 12:26 pm
Billionaire Orphans Club Meeting on Thursday?  
After watching the beginnings of Tron Legacy and Batman Begins within a few days of each other, I'm disappointed in fandom for not giving me some sort of Bruce and Sam meeting. I don't even need it to be slash, but COME ON, they have to know each other.

They're both heirs to huge fortunes/corporations; Bruce gets orphaned, raised by his butler, and Sam's father mysteriously vanishes and is believed dead, his mother dies, and is raised by his grandparents. They both have older mentors who were close to their fathers and look out for his interests (Sam's being Allan, and Bruce's splitting "his" Allan between Alfred for the personal raising part and Lucius for the corporate interests). They both grow up into daredevils who pull ridiculous stunts on their own companies, AND they both are way smarter than they let anyone think.

They're totally buddies, and they text each other constantly, pre-movies. Maybe they even go to Princeton together. And then Bruce pulls his disappearing act, not telling Sam because although Sam is his friend, Bruce is also a lunatic, and doesn't consider how Sam will react to another person vanishing. (aside: Watching that scene again ,when he confronts Falcone and decides to go off on his own, Christian does a fab job of looking so young and helpless. He can do psycho and icy and intense at the drop of a hat, but that youthful impotent rage was very well-played.)

Anyway, so Bruce comes home after training with the League and has a confrontation and fight with Sam. And of course, Bruce totally kicks his ass, because Sam has some skillz, but Batman is a NINJA.

... you know what would be SPECTACULAR? Bruce in the Game on the Grid. Sam did well, but Bruce would be able to go through that game like butter. So it would be cool if Bruce has to go into the Grid, like if he thinks he has to go rescue Sam or something. Then he gets picked up for the game, and he kicks the crap out of it. And Clu is all "Who is THAT? MUST HAVE ON TEAM EVIL" But Bruce would never play on Team Evil, so he must escape, very daringly, like swan-diving out the window, cuz we know Bruce does crazy stuff like that.

er, anyway, now I wrote it out so I don't have to fic it. Yay? I guess?

Also, there are too many characters named Sam. I would like people TO STOP IT NOW PLEASE. It is confusing my fannish brain.

I probably need lunch.