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20 October 2006 @ 10:12 pm
EXODUS part 2.  

(hey, I'm in CA, I'm allowed...)

Roughly in order... I think. Brain is fried, but here's the highlights of what I remember.

Lee/Dee. Between last ep and this one, finally some demonstration of them as a couple. I like. I've always thought Kandyse McClure does the "gentle but strong" woman very well, and here i thought she hit the right note. It did seem like Lee's jowls were getting in the way of his talking that he didn't before. Of course, Lee agrees iwth her and then promptly plans to do just the opposite, but still, she tried.

Tigh and Anders and then Tigh with Ellen. Ouch. Beautiful sense of inevitablity to it all. And his final "I love you" - oh, heartbreaking.

Galactia to the rescue -- wow. Dropping the vipers like that. amazing.

Detention center rescue. Sam finds Kara! oh, he loves her, doesn't he? Four months and there she is ... I like. And then she wakes up and has to go back. And Leoben fraks with her some more before she kills his ass. I was actually expecting Anders to have seen and/or heard at least some of that, so I'm glad he got held up by Charlie (that is his name, right? The Ladon of the Genii guy) so he didn't hear that part. Although maybe it might help him understand how mind-messed up she is, since I doubt she's going to share any of it.

Gaeta! Almost shoots Gaius! Poor Felix. He did look rather yummy in his desperation, I must say. Boy, is he screwed.

Pegauss goes BOOM! Well, I can't say I'm entirely surprised, since the Pegasus did bite it in the orginal in much the same way (and it makes sense, the show's not called the Battlestars or the "colonial Fleet" or whatever. But yay, for Lee going to rescue Dad and everyone!

HERA! Hera's with the Cylons! Now, I was spoiled that she would be (and of course Roslin's big protection plan was going to go horribly awry, that was obvious) but I didn't expect it to happen quite that way. Maya bites it, and tiny Hera's left all by herself in the ashes. well,at least somebody saved her, I guess. Otherwise she would've been dead. so there's still hope she'll be reunited with mom and dad eventually.

I hate Roslin. No, lady, Colonial ONe is *not* your ship. If it's anyone's, it's Zarek's. Not yours. You are not president. You lost. And she was so creepy mourning over Hera. It was her oh-so-clever plan to steal her away from Sharon and Helo to protect her from the cylons. Yeah, that worked out well.

Sharon and Helo hug!

And that kicker with Kara and Kacey, going back to her mom. ow ow ow. (damn it, Sam, would it kill you to give her a hug?)

Adama and Tigh, beautiful scene. Choked me up, especially Tigh walking away.

next week: Sam and Kara are both especially hardcore and Roslin apparently continues to pretend she's the damn president.

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selmak on October 21st, 2006 09:59 pm (UTC)
What can I say, but Saul Tigh. Oy, I may have to add a crystal extension to my website and turn him into one of Sel's Boys. Michael Hogan just NAILS his character.
lizardbeth: Teal'clizardbeth_j on October 21st, 2006 11:09 pm (UTC)
Tigh should definitely be an honorary member! He's been through an awful lot. And yeah, a barrel full of kudos to Hogan, and the director for making what could have been two horribly cheesy scenes wrenchingly painful.