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13 April 2011 @ 08:54 am
Thirty Seconds to Mars: "Yes this is a cult"  
First of all, the best parts might actually have been when Jared Leto has fun screwing with people's brains. My favorite bit? There's this part where he goes out in the audience each time, with guitar to play a couple of songs alone. This time, he goes out there and says: "Since this is a hometown crowd we're going to try out a new song with you guys." *cue wild screaming* "Yeah, new song. Hope you guys like it." *more wild yelling* A few people, like me, who are wise to his tricks, wait. Jared plays the opening chords of THE KILL. I LOL'd SO HARD

At home listening to my recording, it gets a bit awkward because Jared uses fuck a LOT. like, a lot, with my seven-year-old right there because I've totally brainwashed him into being a fan. But then it gets AWKWARD because he starts joking about the Hurricane video and now kiddo wants to see it. Um, no actually, kidlet, you may not see the video even though you know the song.

2. But speaking of the video? "Bartholomew Cubbins. Director." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL *flails inarticulately and dies* it's even in there twice, as if to say "DO YOU GET IT YET?. And how many hats DO you wear, Jared? (though I still think David Fincher was involved somewhere, if only advisory, since that whole video is SO Fincheresque it's ridiculous).

3. Jared had normal hair. It was odd. Though he did have some sort of feathered headdress thing during "Kings and Queens" which made me feel better.

4. This tour's staging was less elaborate, though that could've been the venue, I suppose. We also got more acoustic -- Hurricane and From Yesterday were done by Jared in his "going out among the people" segment. (Shannon and Tomo go drink or something - I have no idea where they went for like 20 minutes. They weren't on stage)

5. The opening bands last time? Shiny Toy Guns and Neon Trees. This time? I hated them both so much I purposefully forgot who they were. But they played the Hurricane video as well - I was kind of hoping videos were going to be the opening act and not bands. But no. :(

6. Thankfully the venue this time didn't have the same restrictions so we got the full playlist. Cuz I was pissed last time that we only got about four bars of Hurricane.

7. I bought a t-shirt. Which I have not actually done at a concert in... a long long time. And the shirt speaks truth. It says: YES THIS IS A CULT.

8. On the way home I played the 30stm cover of "Bad Romance" for my spouse who had been denied hearing its awesomeness before. So disappointed they didn't play it, because I'd pay money - more money - to see Jared belt that puppy live. If I get depressed I play it, because IT FIXES EVERYTHING.

9. I thought they might play 'Stronger' now that that's come out on the deluxe version of This is War, but, no.

10. For my own purposes more than anything, the Playlist:

1. Intro - Escape/Night of the Hunter
2. Beautiful Lie
3. Attack (I thought for a moment they were going to do all that album in order.)
4. Search and Destroy
5. This is War/100 Suns
6. Call to Arms
7. Equinox
8. From Yesterday (acoustic)
9. Was it a dream (acoustic)
10. Hurricane (acoustic)
11. The Kill (the "new song", partially acoustic)
12. Closer to the Edge
13. Kings and Queens (which takes 15 minutes in getting people up on the stage)

I have recordings if anyone's interested?

In sum, I have no idea what Jared Leto is like in real life, but his persona is fantastically entertaining in addition to the music. well worth seeing live.
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