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20 October 2006 @ 09:27 am
SPN - dead things, including me.  

Children People shouldn't play with dead things.

At this rate the season finale's name is going to be the entire first act of Macbeth.

As I often say this season, OH DEAN!

His last speech just killed me. Because of course he knew what his father did for him. Even if he doesn't remember the Reaper, he has all the pieces: his miraculous recovery, the missing Colt, his father's obvious farewell (planning to die). Of course he would feel guilty. How could he not? And that's of greater weight than whatever John whispered to him (which is what fandom was so focused on). It adds so much resonance to the rest of the episode in retrospect, I think, realizing what's going on in Dean -- not just the grief, but the added burden of feeling that he shouldn't be there any more than the zombie should.

This is what happens when the Monster of the Week and the emotional storyline are perfectly matched. Unlike last weeks, where the connection wasn't as strong, these two line up. Lovely.

Sam pushing and pushing, knowing that Dean's barely holding it together. I thought at first he was going to try to sort of ambush Dean at their mother's grave, try to get him to open up to her if he wouldn't for Sam, but since he left Dean alone, I guess it was for himself. Burying the dog tags was a nice touch, even though I'll have to go a little with Dean here -- if their mother's spirit is anywhere, it's not in that graveyard. But the tags weren't for her not really. (and hey, John and Mary Winchester weren't hatched from eggs - they actually have extended family someplace!)

Some great lines, which everyone's already quoted a bazillion times. But, oh the look on Dean's face when he's in there wish Lindsey, sort of "ok, fuck it, whatever" face. *snorfle* Sam watching hotel porn! Bwah!

Neal, Neal, Neal. Dude, what planet are you on that raising the dead is a good idea? Not just Pet Sematary, as Dean so rightly pointed out, but in pretty much every single story, it's never a smart plan. "Monkey's Paw" anyone? I heard that one at camp when I was nine, and learned my Very Valuable Lesson about bringing the dead back. (of course I also learned not to invite serial killing clowns into my house in the dark of night somewhere around the same age, so apparently I'm a bit ahead of the average person on Supernatural).

In fact, I think Neal's motivations were probably the weakest part of the show. He didn't seem to have such a great passion for her that he couldn't live without her. And yet he didn't seem to have done it in the arrogance of "I'm going to do this because I'm so smart." Which gets me back to the WHY? I guess I have to chalk it up to unrequited love and move on.

I've only seen Summer Glau playing River, so I thought she looked totally different here. If I hadn't already known she was in it, I'm not sure I would have realized who she was.

As sad as it was, I think killing off John was an amazingly smart decision. It raised the stakes so much and gave the writers and actors a great through-arc with much greater emotional complexity than last year. This is how death of major characters should be handled, not Episode One Kill Character, Episode Two Have Funeral, and Episode Three All is As it Was Before. So many cookies for TPTB this season.

I should add, for the pure comedy of it, that my darling husband is apparently living in some fantasy world in which mostly teenage boys watch this show, after being dumbfounded by a diaper commercial. I did not inform him that this show is primarily watched by ravening fangrrls of all ages, including those with small children. Like, oh, for random example, ME. *snicker* pets poor clueless hubby...

And tonight?


I cannot wait for BSG tonight, my other shiny show.
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