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25 February 2011 @ 01:04 pm
My TV watching schedule got thrown off last night, so I feel sort of kerflubbled, but here's some thoughts.

HAHAHAH. We finally got the "mediate me" scene that I have loved since the first promo and it did not disappoint. UNF UNF UNF.

They are so ridiculously squishable

But I do wonder if Justin is independently wealthy - because of the two of them Kate should have WAY more than he does. He's a county employee, not in a law firm. She was apparently pretty successful litigator, she's still employed by the firm, PLUS she just inherited half her father's estate (though she probably can't touch any of that yet, she could probably draw against it as collateral). Esp since his place doesn't look cheap. Or is she THAT disorganized so she doesn't have that much cash in hand at any given time And can't transfer from any other account? Okay, I am thinking about this way too much.

Case,blah blah, though I did like that Kate acknowledged that yes, sometimes you DO need a lawyer.

I'm not down with Justin being QUITE so against mediation (though he's also obv doing it to yank her chain). He's a prosecutor -- 80% of his job is negotiating/approving plea deals. It's not like the concept is foreign; he just has a lot less flexibility in offers.

Leo and his little romance are cute. As was Kate's glee about it. (and the fakeout with the coat. hee)

whoa. there was some cool/creepy stuff going on in that.

I have no idea how possible that audio stuff was, but it was cool. You just knew Michael would work his way to some call Nikita made from the loft, and yet her finding him waiting for her there was so awesome. APRIL 7

hee, and even Alex's subconscious is a Mikita shipper. I could use that gif of the kiss.

I am desperately curious about how they get out of this -- Michael now knows where Nikita's FABULOUS lair is and has proof that Alex and Nikita are in cahoots; Amanda wants Alex killed; Alex wants out and Nikita thinks she should run. And yet obviously Michael can't or won't kill Nikita, so is he going to turn on Percy? or is she just going to fight/persuade her way free and find a new HQ? Plus Alex can't leave Division so Percy must counter Amanda's recommendation, but why would he, when Alex is another Nikita in the making.

Anyway, great ep, and great cliffhanger.

Unlike that "cliffhanger" for TVD. uh, yeah. not. Isobel's back? um, great, another person of questionable and confused agendas.

Really half these people need to die, just to disentangle the show because Isobel and John make NO SENSE.

ELENA, that momnt at the end with Isobel? That is EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD TELL JENNA, DUMBASS. yes, let's wait until AFTER the scary murderous vampire Klaus is in town, because Jenna will never ever invite vampires into the house who might want to murder everyone. oh wait, she's ALREADY done it. TWICE. argh.

there is much moaning an groaning about the Martins biting it, but I don't care. I'm hardly a Damon defender, but it's not like he knew what was going to happen to Luka. All he saw was the dagger lifting itself from the Super Strong Vampire About to be a-Killin' and "something" had attacked Katherine. Flamethrowers seem like a good choice when there's an invisible thing creeping around.

Jonas also totally could've waited until the house was empty (instead of both Salvatores plus "Elena") or at least told his son to retreat when he realized Katherine was there and she had found them out. Dumbass. I could even give him a pass for going to the Grille on his revenge spree, but threatening to burn it down? Getting "thisclose" to killing Matt, who is like the most innocent person there? and then, persisting in going after Elena in her own house, knowing full well everyone's now on to him? whatever dude. Too bad you didn't take the offer to work together.

One of these days someone's actually going to ACCEPT Stefan's offer of alliance and he'll probably fall dead from the shock.

Candice has a nice voice, but man did the show plummet to a halt.

Other than that -- WHEEEEEEE! It's a roller coaster that I have no intention of thinking deeply about. Katherine is a BAMF. Stefan was not used enough. People of dubious ethics killing other poeple with dubious ethics. So y'know, the usual.

Gotta do stuff, so that's all for now.
lizardbeth: Elena-Stefanlizardbeth_j on February 27th, 2011 01:38 am (UTC)
they're such fun shows Not deep, not 'great but a nice break from angst and doom and RL. Plus eye-candy and action girls - what's not to love? :)