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12 February 2011 @ 03:16 pm
Update day  
Me and my long-winded porn! I uploaded the latest Nellis verse fic to AO3 and since it keeps track of series I saw the 'Verse now has 12,000 words total! With, um, only a teeny tiny bit of that devoted to plot. Though I suppose if you kinda squint at it, there's an overall "arc" of their relationship -- which makes it parts of a porny romance novel if you add it altogether. right?

Speaking of porn, I've left the porny bit for my ficathon fic until last, and of course, now I'm all icky from a cold and totally not in the mood. Maybe I'll pan to the fireplace. blah.

And from porn, for extra cognitive dissonance, I'll go to ... Little League. :)

Kidlet had Little League "tryouts" today, At his age that amounts to "are you good enough to be pitched at yet, or do you still need T-ball?" our answer was definitely T-ball, as he can't hit at all. But it was so pretty outside -- we could see the mountains with snow on them, it's so clear and blue today. *sigh*

Spouse and I are going to our Valentine's Day dinner later (V-day on Monday is all kinds of inconvenient, so we're doing it early). We haven't been to this restaurant in years, so hopefully it's still good.