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08 January 2011 @ 11:48 pm
I got a request to translate a fic! That's only happened twice before, and it's kind of nice. Okay, it's nice that someone asked at all; you hear about plagiarism so much, I'm always kind of randomly surprised by people asking permission for translating (or archiving, in the old days).

And also, because temptation is striking again --

To me,
We, the undersigned, would like to inform you of a restraining order placed on your obsessive need to sign up for ficathons. We have been patiently waiting for a year now while you write other crap, but we are not going to put up with it anymore. We have lives, too, a rebellion to run, and a plot to finish. If not... well, pitchforks may be involved. Just saying.

You have permission to finish your spn_hetexchange fic, because you are already obligated. BUT THAT IS ALL.

Thank you,
Kara, Sam, Thea, Iris, Head!Kara, Caprica, the Sharons, Leoben, and all the other people who would like Not All That We Are finished in a timely fashion.
bluediamond421: bsg - kt/sa - you found mebluediamond421 on January 9th, 2011 08:44 am (UTC)
Hehe, that's cool, about the translating. :-D

*seconds the Not All That We Are characters' letter* and if you kill Boomer off again I will cry