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01 January 2011 @ 01:21 pm
2010 Fic Roundup!  
First, because I get to reveal them today:

The Yuletide fics I wrote!
Half Past Forever, Vampire Diaries, gen, Caroline and Stefan with Bonnie/Jeremy
Treat for someone who had no fic at the time (and ended up with like twelve! heh), about vampires living forever and Bonnie/Jeremy living.

The Answer, Jeremiah, Markus and Smith, gen
Intended to be my only Jeremiah fic this year. Episode tag to "The Question" (the one where Smith offers them all a miracle).

The Wolf of the Mountain, Jeremiah, Markus/Jeremiah, AU, explicit
And then this one seized my brain -- combining a hc_bingo prompt with the the pairing Yuletide mod elynross had requested. I guess no one else appreciated my cracky premise, but at least she did.

The Taste of Lemons, Justified, Ava Crowder, Mature
My actual assignment. One of the things I like best about Justified is how Ava always seems like an actual woman to me. She's not a superhero, she's more stubborn than smart, she's lived a pretty crappy life, but she gets up and she goes on anyway. I tried to do justice to that and to Elmore Leonard's style, but I don't know.

Other Stories of the Year

First, the big one:
Under a Shadowed Sky
Kara/Sam, Dee/Lee. Ensemble. Mature. Rewrite/AU of 4.5
What if the Five had changed again on First!Earth? Love, destiny, music, pain, and hope.

Chapter 5 of A Shadow on the Pattern , BSG/B5 crossover. Kara/Sam. In mid-season three, when the Fleet stumbles on Earth Station Babylon 5, nothing's the same anymore. (start at Part One) part 5 posted yesterday if you missed it.

The Weight of Our Souls, Kara/Sam, AU. In a present-day Earth, they're living different lives when they meet for the first time.

Respite and Friends (remix), gen. Sam and Jean on the Demetrius.

Another New Hope, BSG/Star Wars fusion, Kara/Sam. Kara Starbuck, Captain Anders of the C-Buc, and Prince Lee.

The Return Current, Kara/Sam, Pirate AU. Mature. Pirate Captain Starbuck vs Commodore Anders.

Get Me Through This Nightmare, Anders/Caprica Six, post-Maelstrom AU.

Embers, Kara/Sam, PG, SAGN-insert.

On Leave, Kara and Helo, pre-series

Pornbattle ficlets (so they're all Explicit/Mature)
What We Want, Kara/Sam/Lee, threesome porn with light D/s
Untitled, Kara/Sam/Lee, group marriage
Feather-Dusting Kara/Anders, Nellis-verse (my AU series where Kara and Sam are fighter pilots at Nellis Air Force Base)
Get the Motor Running, Kara/Anders, Nellis-verse
Sleeping With The Enemy, Anders/Caprica Six, on Caprica after 'Downloaded'
Two Realities Over , Girl!Anders/Helo
The Hour is Getting Late, Anders/Cylon!Dee
Bound to the Path, Anders/Leoben, Not All That We Are 'deleted scene'
Just Another Four, Anders/Simon, in the Resistance

Other fandoms

Determined Spirits, Castle/V, Kate Beckett/Tom Demming (John May), novella. Beckett discovers her new partner has a very big, very terrible secret.

Call Me, Vampire Diaries, Elena/Stefan, fluff.
Missing, Vampire Diaries, Stefan/Caroline, Stefan/Elena, PG
Undertow, Vampire Diaries, Stefan/Klaus, Explicit
Checkmate, Vampire Diaries, Stefan and Klaus, gen
Borrowed Time, Vampire Diaries, Elena/Stefan, R

Transfiguration, Charmed/HP, gen. Piper goes to Hogwarts. Well, at least as far as Diagon Alley, in this old WIP (fic amnesty).

Barely Breathing, Criminal Minds, Hotch/Haley. Hotch remembers their first time.

Similarity and Difference, SG-1/Farscape, Aeryn Sum/Cameron Mitchell, Mature

2010 Fic Meme

By the numbers: 2 'novels' (~50 K each), 1 novella (25K), 13 short stories, 15 ficlets. 12 fandoms (of which 7 were crossovers). Approximately 120,000-ish words in total. (the word count doesn't add up since a chunk of one of the novels counted for last year). Mostly BSG still, but new fandoms include TVD, Castle/V, Criminal Minds, and Justified.

My best story: Under a Shadowed Sky. It's structured well, it changes the things I didn't like in 4.5, plus I took a cracky premise (The Five get wings!) and kept it a BSG story. I'm proud of it, and I love it a lot.

My favorite story: Determined Spirits. It was fun playing in a new 'verse and with new characters and crossing them over in a plausible way.

Favorite OC: This will mean nothing to people until you read my NaNo story, Other Side, but Bridget and Liam both fill me with glee. She's a police detective, she's tough, and she has tickle fights with her daughter. And Liam is full of Immortal Angst, but that doesn't keep him from making magical lightsabers to entertain a child.

Story most under-appreciated by fandom, in my opinion: Under a Shadowed Sky. It's a Kara/Sam, Dee/Lee epic with a cracky premise but not humorous, so it was kind of doomed anyway. But still. SAD PANDA.

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write: If you'd told me in 2009 I'd be writing a long Castle/V crossover, I'd have said you were nuts.

Most fun: Another New Hope. It's Kara Starbuck as Luke, and Sam as Han Solo, and Lee as Leia. And Jean as Chewie. How could it not be fun? I have little snippets written for all the way through RotJ. SO MUCH FUN.

Sexiest story: What We Want, Kara/Sam/Lee, Explicit. Completely plotless. Threesome porn with a dash of D/s. There's so much more of this on my computer that is objectively awful, but hot.

Hardest story to write: The Taste of Lemons. I never could get into this Yuletide assignment - I love Ava and Justified, but got hung up on the language and it was all just hard and unfun, and I don't like the fic much at all. :(

Easiest to write: Determined Spirits. Because it was completely and utterly INSPIRED and awesome.

Did you take any writing risks this year?: hm, NaNo, I guess.

Biggest disappointment: That I'm getting farther away from writing stuff people like, it seems.

It's also disappointing that in my wee Jeremiah fandom for Yuletide that no one except the recipients commented on ANY of the fics for the fandom -- mine or the one written for me (though that one got an extra kudo or two, too, at least). Jeremiah fic used to at least get 4 or 5 comments per story in previous years. :/

Biggest surprise: That I wrote my NaNo and I still like it.

Fic Goals for 2011:
1. Finish "Black Sails at Dawn" -- the final part of the "Not All That We Are" AU. (which was on this same list last year, and I probably should've done that instead of "Shadowed Sky" but I will finish it)
2. Write a decent fic for spn_hetexchange
3. Work on something original, either "Other Side" or something else.
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