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21 December 2010 @ 11:59 am
Yuletide premature squeeage  
hrmf. I have missed all the pinch hits I've tried to grab for YT.

I know I don't have Meteor Storm fic (though that was always vanishingly unlikely anyway, with only one offer), but my pressie can still be any one of the others, since they all have stories! *flail* Two of them aren't mine, but STILL. There is fic in Crossfire, Fallen, and Jeremiah already! WOOOOOO, And also there is Jeremiah fic I DIDN'T WRITE. Extra WOOOO!

And also I'm very excited to find the new "Kudos" button at AO3 - which functions like a LIKE button. I think it may help ease the pain of a zillion hits and no comments. *sigh*