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12 December 2010 @ 04:11 pm
First of all, for those of you who aren't members of fairlylegal (AND WHY NOT?) there are lovely promo pics of Michael Trucco and Sarah Shahi there now. And some other stuff.

Show premieres on USA, Jan 20. Sarah Shahi is Kate Reed, a former litigator who turns mediator to help people. It's a law show, but with a light touch (similar to how Royal Pains is a medical drama, but not really).

But it was funny, I was thinking about what I know about some of the storylines, and I'm going to end up taking Justin's 'side' a lot. Not only because it's Michael Trucco *G*, but for my own background.

One of the earliest situations Kate deals with is an armed robbery. Some guy comes into a corner market waving a gun, and Kate's resolution is that the shopkeeper gives him 40 bucks or something and the robber goes away. So, short term, everyone wins: the shopkeeper doesn't have to give up all his money or get hurt, and the robber takes only a little cash and doesn't get caught.

Which, y'know, is great, so long as the robber doesn't do it again. But that would never happen -- people don't wake up one day and decide to commit armed robbery, and then give it up when they get some cash. They're usually doing it because they need the cash to buy drugs (or they're part of a crew that knocks over stop-n-robs, but that doesn't seem likely).

But let's say the guy does it again and demands 40 bucks again. Still a small price to pay for peace right? You know what we call that? A protection racket. And the thing about a protection racket is that it's such easy money, it doesn't stop at one.

So, like Justin, my sense of law and order is somewhat conflicted by this: what works for individuals doesn't work for society.

But in any case the show looks fun, if not terribly deep, and it's certainly pretty! :)