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12 December 2010 @ 12:29 am
can it be January?  
I re-examined my Yuletide fandom (which I will leave nameless, because I like the part where it's anonymous and then you get to reveal it; used to be more possible to do the guessing game part of it, though). But I need some more to get the voices down. At least I still like it!

It's annoying and yet funny to realize I've forgotten my own continuity. Bad enough I forget actual show canon, but then because I write so frakking slowly (most of the time) I forget stuff from the early parts of my own fics. Little things ... like who's alive. D'oh!

Holiday stuff, plus my mother's b-day today and kiddo's b'day coming on Monday have kept me busy. We put up lights outside for the first time, along the eaves. We got those LED icicle lights and they're BRIGHT. It's like daylight on my porch! If daylight were icy blue. It's sort of weird and I'm not sure I like it.

Y'know, I could totally watch a spinoff of Dean and Tessa. Dean could be with Lisa and Ben, but his part time job would be training as Death's assistant, and Tessa would be the grumpy middle-manager who has to show him around. It'd be filmed documentary style, and be like Undercover Boss, but with dying. And Castiel could pop in and screw with the natural order of things just because he's an immortal and doesn't give a crap about all this dying business. And Dean would whine about it, and Cas would give him THAT FACE, and Tessa would be impatient, cuz people are, like, WAITING and she's stuck with this damn human and the angel who are the bane of her existence.

Or, my one word review for "Encounter at Samarra": TESSAAAAAAAA

I have two words for Nikita: HOLY CRAP.

I... have more words for Vampire Diaries, but it's late and I spent most of them elsewhere. I really should put my thinky thoughts here, first, and THEN go wander around.