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13 November 2010 @ 05:38 pm
Dear Yuletide Author:  

Srsbzns requests? Not for me this year.

OMG, thank you for offering to write any of this, this year! Three of these are new fandoms, and one is a perennial request just because I'm greedy and want more. But I know everybody says this, and it's true - these are just suggestions and things I like. Directions you can follow if you like. But I would just love any story in these little fandoms.

More generally, I'm kind of a sucker for hurt/comfort, action, kissing, porn with plot (I'm not opposed to anything explicit in any of these fandoms, but I'd like there to be some MORE to it), the burdens and responsibilities of leadership, and especially in the last two fandoms, themes of destiny and being the 'chosen one'.

ETA: Oh, I should also mention I love AUs. So if you want to do something how Event A in the canon did NOT turn out the same way and what happened next, that would also be cool. Myself, I can't do those in anything under a zillion words, so I understand if you can't, but still, it's an idea.

- Crossfire video - Brandon Flowers
First of all, feel free to make up other names for them than Brandon and Charlize. And then... go nuts. Who the hell are they to each other? Partners, lovers, married? Are they spies or something else? Why does he keep getting himself caught? Why does she keep going to save his seemingly incompetent ass, or is he something else that has to be saved? Or... I don't know. Whatever. I love this video so much, it's awesome, and yet... I want to know what the rest of the story is.

The official video as well as a fairly useless 'making of' video is on YouTube. You can tie in the lyrics or not - I'm most interested in the story of the video, but I do like the song, too.

- Meteor Storm
Ok, if you offered this, chances are big that, like me, you are a fan of Michael Trucco and/or Kari Matchett. It's pure crack, and yet, watching it, if you ignore the ridikulousness of the 'science', it feels like there's a lot more STORY in there trying to get out. So I'd love anything that deepens or explores their characters and the relationship between them and with their kids.

And I don't usually say this, BUT since you're probably a fan (and if I don't know you, we should totes be friends), I wouldn't say no to a clever crossover between this and any of their other characters (I'm very tempted to do a fic making Tom Young actually be John May from V, and it's almost too easy to say he's Spoon from Pensacola several years later, but you could probably bring in Joan from Covert Affairs or Maggie from Leverage without much trouble). Not that you HAVE to, of course, but if you like either of the actors' other work and want to, I'd enjoy it.

Crossover or no, I'm most interested in the relationship between them, and including their kids, in any case. And if you feel like FIXING the damn movie a bit, I'd love you (because Col Young is supposed to be the FEMA commander and yet he barely tends to the disaster though he does look hot on his bike cruising the city. So um a fix-it/redo of the film from a more realistic perspective would also be cool, if you're looking for ideas).

I should have an upload of this available next week, which I'll link here and in the Sekrit Source post in yuletide when it's up.

I have never read the books, so I have no idea if they're all that close to the miniseries or not, but I do love the miniseries a lot. It could've been SO horribly cheesy and yet they managed stay interesting and character focused. I love both Paul Wesley and Rick Worthy in this a lot- they both elevated the material more than it might have otherwise been. So anything with Aaron and Camael, would be great. I'm thinking more of a mentor/student sort of relationship as they had in the movie, but if you want to take it farther, I'm okay with slash, as long as you don't kill/vilify the ladies to get there.

Speaking of, I didn't request them, so they are totally optional, but I also love Aaron and Camael's relationship with both Vilma and Ariel (who is especially awesome). My signup had something about them before I cut back on the requested characters to make matching easier, but you could explore their friendships/more, too. I like the villains, just not as much, so if they make an appearance that's perfectly fine. Any setting: during the mini, afterward, or AU.

wow, not helpful, huh? It's a fun story and hits a lot of my overall narrative kinks about destiny and power and badass mofo (semi)angels. I just want MORE of the story.

- Jeremiah
I have requested Markus from Jeremiah every year since... 2006? I have never gotten it (though I've written it). Is it the year???? (so um don't be alarmed by the all my info - I've just had a lot longer to think about it)

I have an unholy love for Markus, I do. He's a dork, he's a genius, he's fucked up, he's the freakin savior of the west (Okay, he shares that, but anybody who doesn't think Markus is the 'strange attractor' is watching a different show). He's an idealist with a cold practical streak. He talks a lot but reveals little. He single-handedly saved modern technology after the Big Death in Thunder Mountain and planned for the future when he was 14 years old. He fell in love with a woman he couldn't ever touch and went a little bit bananas when she killed herself (after, y'know, killing thousands of people who were a threat to him and all he'd been trying to built).

So, what I'm saying is, I'm good with anything about Markus -- pre-series when he was a kid trying to keep TM together, during the show when everything seemed like it was going to fall apart, and any kind of spec fic afterward. I requested only Markus, but I love all the rest of the characters as well, and I'm not averse to other pairings post-finale (whether slash with Jeremiah, or het with Theo or Erin or Rachel, or pretty much whatever if you give me some development).

The only two things I would ask specifically: (1) don't disrespect Markus' love for Meaghan if you pair him with someone else. I believe he was faithful to her while she was alive, certainly in his heart, and probably physically as well (which always raises the interesting specter of how Markus would deal with physical intimacy in a new relationship), and (2) don't use the comic book "sequel" that was circulated a few years ago, since I think it's lame and don't consider it canon at all.

You can take a look at my various Markus-focused offerings over the past few years, indexed here: http://lizardbeth-j.livejournal.com/154549.html#cutid5

Thank you SO much for offering to write one of these tiny, wonderful, slightly ridiculous fandoms! :D :D

Take my ramblings for what they're worth and go to town, have fun. That's the important part.
herald_mari: spike readingherald_mari on November 14th, 2010 05:13 am (UTC)
Are they ready for signups and requests now? And I love your awesome crack, even though I'm not familiar with the fandoms. Because you requested them...it's awesome! :)
lizardbeth: Yuletidelizardbeth_j on November 15th, 2010 05:24 am (UTC)
yep, signups are through the 19th.!

I ask for more crack the older I get and/or the more I do Yuletide, it seems.