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31 October 2010 @ 11:55 pm
teee veeee  
I am totally not ready for NaNoWriMo. AAAAAH! But if you are doing NaNo, I am lizardbeth over at the main site. BUDDY ME.

oh boy, I'm so far behind on tv commentary, too. Caught a bit of Smallville, and can I just say Lois taunting Clark about how she's a delicate flower was hilarious? And it's so awesome how GLEEFUL she was about watching him? awwwwwwww.

Oh ouch. Truthiness is ouchy. And the ability to lie when you should have to tell the truth is maybe worse. owowowow.

SAMMMMM. (and heh, thanks CW Promo Monkeys for clarifying exactly Wassup with Sam.)

I am very saddened by Dean and Lisa. I don't blame her at all, it makes sense and I would do the same -- but.... but.... I like her. Dean loves her. But he totally needs to get his shit together, I know. BUT STILL. *sniff*

But I call bullshit on him not telling her about WHY. She might not still want him around, if she knew what happened, but she's not in the dark about monsters. he was a bit distracted with Sam, I guess, and kind of proved her point, but DAMN IT, I WANT THEM TOGETHER.

Damn, how do people ship this way? argh, so frustrating.

TVD: This isn't nearly as squeeful nor as long as it would've been if I'd written it immediately.

What a beautiful, gorgeous party! LOVE the costuming and the set dec and the masks. I WANT THAT PARTY.

I love how the NuScoobs put together a plan and executed it almost flawlessly. And Katherine still nearly beat them, because she has plans for the whole damn alphabet, except she foolishly said that Lucy had no debt to her. OOPS.

However, I am not a fan of how the end was structured: Jeremy and Bonnie apparently forget all about Elena being hurt and wander off, we have no idea how or why Damon and Stefan decided to put Katherine in the tomb, or how or when Bonnie put the trap spell up. It made the Katherine reveal work but at the expense of the rest of the ep in retrospect. I also feel the Elena brushoff at the end was too on the nose, just for the irony of Elena getting kidnapped two seconds later.

So, 90% awesome and 10% things-that-bug.

I feel like I had something to say about Nikita as well, but I forgot it. And now it's too late because

NaNoWriMo starts in ten minutes!

*panic* *flail*
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