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28 October 2010 @ 11:32 am
Halloween is coming!  
I need a design for my pumpkin carving party this year. We're kind of known for cool pumpkins in the neighborhood now, and the pressure's ON. I'm thinking of doing the Alien Xenomorph, but I'll have to make my own pattern. It's not hard with the right photo. *hits up google*

By the way, Disney? Killing off PUMPKIN PATTERNS is especially low and pathetic, even for you. Alas, MrLiz is already salivating over Tron Legacy on IMAX, so at least you'll be able to continue paying your legal team well to go harass pumpkin carvers some more.

Tomorrow is "harvest festival" (aka Halloween carnival) at the school. The costume parade is always a hoot. Kiddo will be an astronaut. He utterly disdained every branded character, even ones he likes like Bumblebee or a Jedi. I'm sort of sad, because it would be cute for him to be my Padawan (since I have a Jedi costume), but an astronaut is cool and nerdy as well.