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09 October 2010 @ 07:47 pm
Now that I'm a walking cliche (SOCCER MOM!!), my Saturdays are even MORE shot than they were before. Especially when the game is so late in the morning. gah. But since my life is so freakishly dull, let's move on to something more fun.

Supernatural -- Dean/Lisa FTW! Show, I'm loving them. I love her, I love Dean, I love them together. Please, please, don't fuck it up.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Dean had a sex dream of Lisa while he's away. YES. THANK YOU SHOW.

And also, I love Badass "My People Skills are Kinda Rusty" Castiel. (though hilariously I kept thinking of that omg!adorable pic of him with his newborn, hee)

Bathazar is a weird combo of Crowley and Gabriel. I like the original recipe versions better, I think, and since Crowley's coming back, it's sort of like "gimme the real thing, you poser".

And the shortened Moses stick is just funny -- divided and sold off. Reminds me of how in medieval times you could find reliquaries of individual thorns from Jesus' crown or shards of the cross.

In other non-news:
I'm pondering NaNo this year. I've never actually done NaNo, but I've been feeling some um, shall we say, pressure on the homefront to do something more productive with my writing than fanfic. And since I write novels anyway, I might as well try to write for publication than fannish ones, right? NaNo might be just the kick I need to get it off the ground.