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01 October 2006 @ 09:39 pm
Ficathon II  
I got my assignment for sg_rarepairings ficathon! Whoo hoo! I have two fun choices and now I have to pick: eeny meeny, miney moe... I got lucky in that I can do both, but that's cuz I basically said "whatever" for what I wanted, so there you go. Say "whatever" (and mean it) and get two do-able prompts.

To the person who got mine, if you wander this way:

Sam/Cam or Ronon/Shep. Yum. I will be gleeful with either. Hopefully I gave you some ideas, but honestly, I've read so few of these that I'll be happy with the pairing, regardless of the plot. Porn is good, but character interaction is better.

Now, off to research... one of the best things about an unexpected pairing request is that it brings up characters one might not have thought about for awhile, or don't know very well.
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