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22 September 2010 @ 10:47 pm
So you get random tidbits.

- I don't watch Idol so I don't care, except the new judges make me LAUGH SO HARD. Last I heard anything about Tyler it was after he'd grabbed the PA mic and yelled out all of 'Dude looks like a lady'.

At Home Depot.


- oh, and also they lowered the age to 15. Maybe they should change the name of the show to America's Justin Bieber?

- I should load my pics of Hawaii. Found out I missed Kelly Hu - she was RIGHT THERE. *cries* <3<3 her She's going to be on H5-0, and filmed some scenes at the Missouri. AWESOME.

Now if the show could get Russell Wong it would be perfect. no, let me correct myself: RUSSELL SURFING would be perfect. nomnomnom (yes, I do kinda pretend H5-0 is the Hawaii-spies show I made up. Apparently I WAS PRESCIENT, Y'all: my show had Hawaii, POC spies, and Trucco playing a guy named Justin. So I got the details a little wrong... lol)

- speaking of: today several journalist types who were in Vancouver for set visits to SPN and SV ran into Trucco in their hotel. Which besides being jealous, made me think -- has he been living in a hotel this whole time???? dude. I hope not, that would suck. Well, I think it'd suck - it matters less when you have to be on set constantly and fly home weekends, I guess, but it would get old. Maybe Sandra came up to work on something in Vancouver. I remember Jamie Bamber said something about that, how it was great when Kerry was on BSG because they put her up in a hotel, so he lived better when she was working.

Anyway, it's the last week of filming for Facing Kate and then there'll be lots of thumb-twiddling until USA starts releasing crap.

- Re: Smallville, Teri Hatcher is going to play Lois' mom! I'm kind of giddy over that. She's on DH making 300K an episode or whatever; she totally doesn't need to do that.

- There is too much tv. TOO MUCH TV. I could actually use a few MORE reality shows to fill up the time so I have fewer options to pick from. I'm already in shut down avoidance -- I watched "Young Victoria" last night instead. Lovely film.

I... should probably not post when I'm bored and it's late.
karate0katkarate0kat on September 23rd, 2010 11:39 am (UTC)
I don't think I'd mind living in a hotel if I had either close friends or family with me. I could be wrong, though, since the longest I've ever stayed in a hotel was 8 days.

I don't even watch Smallville and the news about Teri Hatcher still made me smile.
lizardbeth: Trucco - mine!lizardbeth_j on September 23rd, 2010 04:55 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure Sandra wasn't up there the whole time - he mentioned flying home just about every weekend in an interview. So if she was there, it was only for a visit. And I guess that makes it more likely that he was crashing at a hotel the rest of the time, since a long-term rental would be dumb when the shooting schedule was only 3 mos or so.

It's the food thing that bugs me the most, since I don't like eating out constantly. Plus I like having my own stuff around. But anyway, for all I know he had interviews there, or something. I'm just projecting, since I find being in a hotel longer than two weeks yucky. :)

Isn't it great about Teri Hatcher? It's a really generous and classy thing to do, I think. I used to watch Lois and Clark hardcore. Lol.