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21 September 2010 @ 11:39 am
Silliness to avoid copyediting  
You know you'e writing a song about BSG when you have a tab open to all the words that rhyme with DIE.

Also, using the Sliding Algorithm of Mortality I've figured out who will be NEXT TO DIE on Vampire Diaries:

On a scale of 1-5, see the page for explanation. Don't blame me when you don't come back.

Age: 2.5
Orientation: 3
Love interest: 3
Role: 4 (he's somewhere between a Mauve Shirt and Loner, given he's Token Oblivious Boy)
Race: 1
Aesthetics: 3 (average)
Personality: 4
Flaws: 3.5 (verging on Genre Blind, but we'll see how he handles more of the weirdness)
Virtues: 4
Species: 3 (Token Normal Human)
Occupation: 3.5 (somewhere between FriendlyTarget and Innocent Bystander)

average: 3.13

Age: 2
Orientation: 3
Love Interest: 3
Role: 3.5 (moving up from Plucky Comic Relief)
Race: 1
Aesthetics: 1
Personality: 4
Flaws: 3.5
"Virtues": -- hm, leaving this out, since it's either a 1.5 Pollyanna or a 4.5 since she might get "too curious for her own good" very easily, too, depending on how her transition continues)
Species: 5
Occupation: 4.5

Average: 3.5

Sherrif Forbes:
Age: 4.5
Orientation: 3
Love Interest: N/A Damon? IDK.
Role: 4
Race: 1
Aesthetics: 3
Personality: 5
Flaws: 5
Virtues: 5
Species: 3
Occupation: 4

Average: 3.75

Age: 3
Orientation: ?
Love interest: none so far
Role: 4.5 (not quite a villain yet, but going toward opposition of our heroes)
Race: 1
Aesthetics: 2
Personality: 4
Flaws: 4
Virtues: 3
Species: 4.5
Occupation: 3.5

Average: 3.3

So by that extremely biased and subjective analysis, these four will die in this order: Liz, Caroline, Mason and Matt.

Though my real prediction is: Liz, Mason (neither will live out the season IMO), Matt, then Caroline. Though of course there's an element of wishful thinking in there... meep.

Yes, it's very scientific. *nods*