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16 September 2010 @ 04:38 pm
Closing in on the end  
Argh, big climactic battle scene! It's reassuring structurally that my instints were pretty good and it's right smack in the middle (I believe the technical term for this moment is called "Where Everything Goes to Hell" *g*). I figured out I leave them for last because they are a pain in the mikta, and take me DAYS to think through, whereas most things do not need such careful arranging. If I did them in order, I'd be stuck for ages on them, and it's better to get on with the story (I usually have a pretty good idea of the end point of such a scene, so it's not like I'm flying by the seat of my pants totally, not having written the Big Scene). But now I have CHARTS! And Timelines! And I know where everyone is and what they're doing, even if I don't mention it. (yes, I like knowing those things, if only to make sure I don't drop people and then forget where I dropped them). Phew. Getting closer to done.

*looks at calendar* Yep, good thing, too. But these extra few weeks have made this a FAR stronger story than it would've been if I'd had to rush it for the first, so thank goodness for that, eh?


In happier news, I saw a guy who looked EXACTLY like Shemar Moore at Starbucks today. The only reason I don't think it was him is that I don't think Shemar would be the one getting coffee (dude had about twenty cups he was taking somewhere - otherwise, CM films here so it's at least possible, though most Hollywood types don't hang out in my neighborhood). I didn't hear him speak, unfortunately, which would have proven it to me, since I'm far better at voice recognition than face. But damn, mystery dude, you are a FINE looking man, whoever you were, and I hope you use your powers of hotness only for good!

Vampire Diaries tonight! Plus I read a fun interview with Paul Wesley in which I found out everything I wanted for Stefan is probably going to happen! \o/

(He claims Nina and Ian tease him that his hair has its own call sheet. *dies*)