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05 September 2010 @ 11:34 pm
Marathon and housekeeping  
Spike is doing their usual Star Wars marathon. The best part of watching Star Wars (ANH) again, is mocking Obi-Wan. THE LYING LIAR WHO LIES. Constantly. It's hilarious, post-prequels. And Vader's helmet has fingerprints on it (high-def is not necessarily to a movie's favor...) I bet Tarkin points it out to him and Vader strangles his assistant from ten decks away.

Housekeeping. Or, IOW, I forgot to put a link in my own LJ for this pornbattle entry. The only reason I remembered it at all was LJ helpfully tried to give me the title again, even though it appears that I inexplicably never managed to post it.

The Hour is Getting Late
Sam/Dee, for bsg_pornbattle

This is so everything is neatly under the '2010 fic' tag for my year-end roundup. Plus I got a new shiny dee-anders tag, and I'm going back to retag by pairing when it's not k/s. I need to update my sticky post too, and transfer more to AO3, since I fell behind on putting up my back catalog.