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29 June 2010 @ 02:10 pm
Another day, another useless fan poll  
The CW is also running silly polls , which expose quite the division between SPN and TVD fans. It's like a WAR, I kid you not. (and meanwhile the handful of Smallville and One Tree Hill fans over there are like "hey! We had some stuff happen too!") It's hilarious.

My Mark Pellegrino love will not allow me to vote for Katherine, however. She's badass, but cutting off someone's fingers is not in the same league as slaughtering a bunch of minor gods plus sticking a sword in your own brother. Or persuading Nick to turn over his body and soul without lying once about how miserable it's going to be. So she's got to do a little bit more to win a Most Evil Contest for me.

But speaking of vampires -- I think I've settled on a Vampire Diaries/True Blood crossover for my vampire_bigbang entry. Kind of similar to how I set up Determined Spirits with the True Blood half being set pre-canon (so vampires are still hidden as they are in TVD). But really, I just want to make up a Queen of Virginia to come in and kick Damon's ass.