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25 June 2010 @ 01:07 am
Notes for Determined Spirits  
While I'm still thinking about it, I thought I'd write down some of my thinking/reasoning behind some things in the story.

Fic here, if you haven't read it/caught up

First, regarding John's survival -- Ryan says "I killed John May" but he also says to John "They're expecting you." I take the second to mean that he brought John to someone (Anna) to be executed. It's actually Hobbes who says Ryan killed John with his own hands. Ryan doesn't deny it, but if he was the one who brought John to his execution it's pretty much the same thing to him anyway. However, given that Joshua is a staunch Fifth Columnist (despite not even having been on Earth) and we know they have at least a limited resusciative capability, I think it's quite possible John survived through some form of double-bluff like I describe. Anna believes he's dead but Joshua helped John escape and John's 'gone dark' to wait for Lisa to provide a viable alternative to Anna.

Second, yes, I completely made up almost everything to do with V society, beyond the existence of queens and workers, the Bliss, and the V lack of empathy. The idea that Nests are basically countries on the homeworld, John belonging to a different one from Anna, his fathering Lisa, and the real reason the Vs are on Earth -- none of it is more than my fanon, though it does pull together a few vague hints.

I also made up the idea of a defender class. The main reason was to give John more of a biological significance. The Vs have a class society that is biologically determined -- their queens are THE MOST important thing to them because it's only through them that the species continues. Workers are disposable, queens must be protected. If John is just another worker, his name should carry very little weight ten years later, first rebel or not. So I decided he needed to be of a higher status -- as Sophie says, his name gives the workers something to cling to that rebelling is okay. And if he's Lisa's father, that makes their rebellion in trust for her, in a way.

Here's how it works: unfertilized 'regular' eggs of the queen become the workers, getting those eggs fertilized by a soldier makes lots more soldiers (done in a time of warfare or when a Nest is splitting with a new queen going off to found her own Nest - something not done in modern V society). Only producing a 'royal' egg and mating with a defender to fertilize it produces new defenders and new queens. After centuries of warfare and unification, the gene pool has shrunk, and the royal eggs are not produced as often, even for matings that are not relatives. So they're quite literally dying out (slowly, but still, they plan ahead, these Vs).

So yes, John IS a huge societal monkey-wrench. The writing's on the wall for their species, and they're here on Earth for this complicated attempt at hybridizing with what are PIGS to them, when Anna would just as soon as eat them all. And here's John with dangerous ideas of how the human pigs should be treated nicely and even worse, that their own society is fucked up and needs to change to reflect the primitive pigs. Not to mention he took what should have been a smooth transfer of power, when his queen was defeated, and shifted his loyalty to his child instead of to the victor. Basically to Anna, he's a dangerous FREAK. This is why Anna wanted him dead and why she's so terrified of Lisa showing signs of his defectiveness.

yes, I probably thought about this too much. (but now I kinda want to write the story of how Anna conquered John's home Nest. DOWN PLOT BUNNY DOWN)


Third, re: the Castle portion. Since I started this with the Kate/Tom pairing, I wanted to keep that, regardless of canon. Though you'll notice that the story actually ends in basically the same place as canon, since Tom doesn't stay.

I couldn't see Kate - level-headed as she is - freaking out about the revelation, especially when she's been figuring out how deep and strange his secret runs, through the course of the story. (and Castle himself would be THRILLED, y/y? You know he's DYING to call up Stephen King or whoever, and say neener,neener at the end *g*)

Well, obviously Castle's not the major character here, but I tried to be fair, at least. He did take a step back and I think given a little more time he might still be moody about it, but he'd back off. Until he starts getting a whiff of something 'wrong' about Tom, and then he wants to keep poking at it.

Fourth, re: the bonus crossovers! I knew I was going to stick in someone from Leverage as soon as the painting theft background case clarified. It kind of had to be Sophie -- Parker's a bit too odd, Hardison's too young, I don't feel I know Tara well enough, Maggie had a kid, Nate is a drunk and had a kid, and... it could be Eliot but I don't like him as much. so, it was Sophie, and kind of explains why she left last season. Though I'm kind of in love with the idea that as a V, she was a spy back then.

The White Collar one was a bit more organic, starting with Tom's call to Peter, but then adding Neal as a V (it was going to be Elizabeth first, but then it occurred to me that pretty blue eyes are kind of a V trait) and it all kind of fell into place.

As I mentioned I was also pondering sticking Dana Walsh in there, too, but there wasn't really room. You can imagine her encountering Tom during the Epilogue, if you like. :)

If anyone has any questions/thoughts you want to ask re: fic, feel free! I'm always open to that sort of 'process' discussion. :)