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29 May 2010 @ 10:18 pm
Best scene, yes.  
We just happened to be flipping channels and stopped to watch THAT scene in the Lost finale replay. *sigh* I've seen it now ... um, too many times thanks to youtube, and it still chokes me up a bit. DAMN, WAY TO EXCEED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS, SHOW! \o/

"We could get coffee sometime." *shipper happysigh*


Meanwhile, I've discovered I have a Sony store not far away, so I can take my poor broken laptop there and get the hinge fixed. Hopefully it'll cost neither too much time or money (yeah, right). But it's gotta be fixed, because I fear the screen will break, since the whole lid now wobbles quite unnervingly. I'm thinking I should have them fix the BluRay player too, since that's NEVER worked right.

Which means ... I need to back everything up. Yikes. That's a job. I haven't done a full backup in a long time, just incremental ones, but I should do a full for this, just in case. And then they're going to take my baby away from me. *clings to Morwen*
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cujoy on May 30th, 2010 12:41 pm (UTC)
Do you mean the Sawyer/Juliette reunion scene. Because that one is my absolute favorite. That and the Jack/Kate kiss on the cliff.

I do think the Lost finale is a really good piece of TV. They set it up so that you're practically crying the entire time with all the happy reunions. I think my one reservation with it is kind of philosophical. I think I like stories about the living better than mediations on the afterlife. It brings into focus just how many people died (and how many of them were women). Because they spent so much time killing people off a mediation on the afterlife was sorta kinda what they were left with. It also kind of made the fact that some people escaped the island sort of anti-climatic. I mean Sawyer was going to be without Juliette and Kate without Jack, which makes it all a bit sad.

On the plus side though, I like it that they left so many mysteries of the island unanswered. I think I actually like that. And I have this vision of Hurley as Mr. Roarke and Ben as Tattoo.
lizardbeth: Sulietlizardbeth_j on May 31st, 2010 04:35 am (UTC)
yes, totally the James/Juliet scene. I had rather low expectations the way it would play out (I thought it might end with a casual "let's get coffee sometime" and it would be left open what happened after that.) So I am VERY happy about the way it played, and maybe if it hadn't gone so well, I might not have liked the scenario as much, but as it is? I'll take it.

I kind of take it as saying they ALL died. Some sooner than others, but they all died. And so it actually took away some of the bitterness that some died and some lived, because they all died in the end. So I like it a bit better I think than if they'd just ended it with Jack dying and the Ajira plane escaping, because they all were back on equal footing. If that makes sense. Maybe only to me. *g*

My take on the Answers is, like Mother said, it would all just lead to another question anyway. Because ultimately there IS no answer that'd explain the deeper mysteries anyway, so while some little things like the outrigger chase would've been nice to have tied up, and I do think there's a lot that fits together if people pay attention (like ther frakking polar bears, I can't believe that's still on people's lists for unanswered questions!), some of it is just fine left ununanswered and unanswerable.