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16 May 2010 @ 06:02 pm
30 Seconds to Mars  
Last night, we went to their concert, with openers Shiny Toy Guns and Neon Trees.


First of all, HOLY SHIT I had way better seats than I ever expected, thanks to the part of the show where Jared goes wandering into the audience. They were pretty good seats, anyway, but observe. I was sitting just behind the sound/light booth, right behind the taiko drummer.

Playlist was almost all from 'This is War', with a semi acoustic version of "the Kill", "From Yesterday" and some other snippets from the previous albums. Unfortunately the venue requires that they stop at 11, which shortened the full set. Jared couldn't even finish "Hurricane" (which depresses me since it's one of my favorite songs), skipped encore and all that, to close with Kings and Queens.

He sort of implied he hadn't known that before, but given that his voice was going and the audience sang half the songs for him anyway (seriously, there were entire choruses I don't think he sang at all), it might have been planned to play short to save what voice he had left.

But one thing's for sure, Jared knows LA audiences need a bit of... work. It's an outdoor venue and it was cold last night. I don't know if he does it at all the shows, but it was hilarious how he just STOPPED in the middle of "Search and Destroy" because everyone was being all quiet and he started to seriously work the crowd (to get people singing).

So they get all the way through the set to Equinox (which given the shorter set, I could've done without for the full version of Hurricane or Beautiful Lie). Then it gets dark, and we realize Jared's come out. He is about twenty feet away, to my right, on the opposite side of the sound box.

He schools everyone on what color his hair is.

Then he starts "The Kill", acoustic version.

In the middle of that, he starts moving left (in my direction) through the crowd, gets to the aisle in front of me and heads toward me. Then he's RIGHT THERE.

(he's standing on the railing that runs along the back of the forward section - I'm a few steps up in the front row of the middle section, which is why it's practically eye level, even though he's above the mass of people standing in the cross-aisle between us)

Then he runs down the aisle back to the stage to finish The Kill, in the regular, amped up version. Good thing about bright hair -- it's not hard to find him if there's any light at all as he scurries around. Then they did Closer to the Edge, Jared leaves for a moment, and then comes back to bitch that there's no time left. He plays the first verse of Hurricane and then starts pulling people out of the crowd to come up on stage, for "Kings and Queens".

And that was it.

I wish it could've been longer, but it was fun. And Jared's energy was really amazing, especially given he was a bit sick and at the back end of the tour. He made some cracks about LA crowds ("get off your fucking Blackberry and put your hands in the air") but also seemed really glad to be home and grateful to see the crowd's response.

I would definitely go again if I could!

and, FYI, amazon has 30 Second to Mars -- 'This is War', on download for $5. It's frakking epic.