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09 May 2010 @ 09:03 pm
Weekend update  
My dad has been doing some genealogy work on his family for a long time, and so occasionally, he'll get contacted by other branches of the family doing the same thing and they pool information. A cousin of his recently had some interesting tidbits, and my favorite is about my great-grandmother (who lived to be 91, though she died before I was born), and I quote:

"She smoked cigars, because they'd made snuff illegal."



Otherwise this weekend's been busy with family stuff. Saturday was children's Day festivities at the Japanese-American Museum. Rugrat made a lot of crafty things and got a lot of older grandmother types to call him handsome and cute and smart (they're such SUCKERS).

We also went to the MIXED exhibit there, which is a photography/multi-media project featuring children of mixed race.

Today obviously was mommy's day, and I had a lovely breakfast and flowers. And I got a stuffed seal from Rugrat -- which has already disappeared into his room so I'm not sure it's actually "mine". lol. But it was a nice day with my parents over for dinner.