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23 April 2010 @ 10:22 pm
Friday night  
So, being unable to string two sentences together for my SPN Big Bang is clearly the SPN muse abandoning ship... because in the last two days?

I've written about 5K of "Kate Beckett Discovers Detective Demming is an Alien" Crossover fic. yes, clearly my muse is still Trucco-shaped. Which I would complain about, except, y'know, it's a very nice shape... (and I depend upon you crazy fangirls to read it because I can't imagine anyone outside of Trucco Fandom is going to)

Anyway, About Last Night:

Rekha as Kali? BRILLIANT. More than a touch of Tory in there, especially when she was sitting in the lounge, but, yes. More please.

Baldur was kind of hot.

GABRIEL. *sniff*

Not only was that table very much SG-1 "Summit of the System Lords"-ish, but this whole sseason is giving me some painful flashbacks to SG-1 Season 8 -- THE SEASON WHERE EVERYONE DIED FOR NO REASON. *cries*

But that angel wings mark is still beautiful and striking, nonetheless.

And Lucifer kicked some ass, which we've been sorely lacking. YAY MORE MARK ON MY SCREEN. (I'd rather have Jacob, since he's not FALLING APART, he's just dead, but still, it's a good week when he's around on either show). But after the power show, when he has that moment of ... sadness? Regret? THAT was perfect.

AND THE BOYS HAVE A PLAN NOW. No clue how to implement it, but at least they have one. heh.

And then, on The Vampire Diaries. (oh, right. Picspam. STILL ON THE LIST, when I'm not writing crack):

OMG PAUL WESLEY CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR BABIEZZZ? I have rarely seen ANY actor switch from manic junkie charm to utterly terrifying to pitiable and back again. Anyone who says he can't act is drinking funny kool-aid, because, jesus.

Total junkie behavior - the lying, the faking, the temper, even the attempt to turn it back on Elena. But she's not having any of that. She loves, and she believes in him, but she knows he needs help and she decided to forcefully detox him. Clearly Jeremy and Vicky's problems taught her a lot.

Luckily even in his frenzy, Stefan was still struggling, since he didn't even bite Amber for quite a while, and didn't kill her when he did, even though he wanted to.

And as always, chock full of good lines:
"Stefan has a fridge FULL of stolen blood bank contraband".
'Are you saying I've negatively impacted your life? aw, I can't imagine what that must feel like."
"I'm not sad, I'm hungry!"

Less funny, more chilling, butone of my other favorite lines:
"Why aren't you afraid?" "You told me not to be." -- ah, Stefan and the impulsive compulsion, he didn't even know he was doing it.

Everyone's all on about the D/E dancing thing, whereas I thought the music was overpowering, and too long.

Caroline won, yay! She deserved it.

Bonnie's back, and a BADASS. Figured she would be, but hooray. I can't imagine the frosty relatinos between her and Elena will last, but for now it makes sense. And it's a good thing she was there to stop Stefan.

Glad to see some peace between Damon and Pearl (mostly because Jeremy and Anna are so adorable) especially while Uncle John is being such a pest and Damon's got an out-of-control brother to worry about. WHAT DOES IT DO? I'm sure we will find out.

lizardbeth: Demminglizardbeth_j on April 24th, 2010 05:38 am (UTC)
*shakes fist again. some more*