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27 March 2010 @ 12:37 am
today was a day of ... that word I don't like anymore  
Spring break for the short person began today. The week after Easter we'll be away but I have a week of.... nothing coming up. OH THE HORROR.

I really meant to write my remix fic today. I... failed rather miserably. I wrote a scene from WAY down the line in Black Sails though. oops.

I also intended to fix the DVD drive in my laptop. Despite my best efforts today, it refuses to play Blu-rays. Which is highly irritating when all the new DVDs I've bought are Blu-rays. And it's almost certainly a Windows conflict SOMEPLACE, because this is the second time it's happened (and it's only Blu-ray disks - regular ones play fine). So while I can WATCH on my other player on the t.v., I can't do things like make pretty caps. :(

I did however catch up to both last night's Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.
I would have more to say about both of them if it weren't so late already. Both were fun though.