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24 March 2010 @ 10:12 pm
The one where I feel sorry for humanity  
So we're flipping through and landed on "Fly Girls" for a few moments. It's supposed to be an unscripted show (about flight attendants) but it's lit like a CW show and they're all "acting". Badly. I'm hardly a bit fan of "reality" t.v. anyway, but wow, is that one bad.

y'know, if we get invaded by alien Visitors who secretly want to eat us but put on a nice face and make lots of empty promises, I can find a few people in the LOST forum who will be glad to help them. The willingness of people to believe that a character, who is an obvious smirking liar, is still really nice and "just wants to be free" makes me sigh a lot.

I daresay Esau has a couple million dollars in Nigeria, too, that he could use their help getting out of the country. *rolls eyes*