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10 March 2010 @ 11:41 pm
Psych finale + LOST  
The Psych finale was wall-to-wall Hitchcock references. Spousal Unit of course, being Mr Film School, caught them all much faster than I did - but it was still cool.


LOST was also fabulous. Michael Emerson, as usual, brings it home. I have no deep thoughts (well, that's not entirely true -- but it's a bit late to be delving into contrition right now). Instead I'm writing fic about Ilana as a little girl cavorting on the Island, finding cabins she shouldn't and meeting nice weavers, who are secretly a little glad for the company.

IDEK. I liked Ben before that, but after last night, I like her, too. SHE IS AWESOME.

HAHAHAH, and just two weeks ago people were bitching about how the Widmore storyline was dropped and Darlton was never going to revisit it, blahblahblahcakes.

Oh Richard, you've also earned back some of my love with all your tormented, wavering faith. And the BLACK ROCK. yes! Jack -- proving Jacob right that sitting on the hill looking at the ocean actually DID clarify some things for him. That there is a purpose. Hopefully the act also reminded Richard of that; he seemed to be more at peace at least. And Hurley high-tailing it out of there, was both smart and hilarious.

As was Miles finding the diamonds. And as someone else pointed out -- Miles was lying on top of Juliet's fresh grave and all he got was "it worked". Meanwhile Jacob's long-cold ashes could tell Miles exactly who killed him AND that he'd hoped better of Ben. Of course it probably helped that Jacob was standing right there, Miles just didn't see him.

Sun, being classy, and letting Ben help her with the tent. Please reunite soon with Jin. It's been too long. I'm thinking we'll get a reunion for their episode, which could also deal with Jin getting infected and going back to old bad habits. He's got a choice to make in the Alt!verse, since he's indubitably still Paik's 'employee' there. I just hope Sun doesn't kill him.

I know the mirrors are definitely not a coincidence -- what I'm trying to figure out is if the Sideways reality is actually "real" at all. Each of them are superficially good realities, and yet-- they could be tests of a sort: Kate changed her mind and helped Claire, Locke accepted his disability and found peace, Sayid otoh still chose to kill, and now Ben chooses the life of his 'daughter' over power. maybe what happens in the mirror verse is influencing the 'real" world ont he Island, or vice-versa. The timelines don't match - but they don't have to, if the mirror 'verse isn't actually an independent alternate universe.

I suppose it's simpler to think of it as some kind of alternate 'verse - as some have speculated, maybe it's the "epilogue" to the series, spread out over these episodes, so we'll know what happens to our losties after the finale... (if that's true, then the end should be exactly the same as the beginning of the season with Jack on the plane and then a pan underwater to the Island).

M: Benry at his stalkery-bestmfirefly10 on March 11th, 2010 07:59 am (UTC)
I definitely had the feeling after this episode that the parallel!world may not be real at all. Like you, I'm wondering if it's all some kind of test designed by Jacob to narrow down the list of candidates. Like if they work out their issues in the alt!world, they're still in the running but if they don't (like Sayid), they're out. Which could possibly explain why Sayid was able to be over-taken by Not!Locke...maybe:)

This episode was awesome and I actually liked all of the characters in it! Miles and Sun and Hurley and both versions of Locke were fantastic as usual. But Richard earned back his cool points and I finally got rewarded for thinking Ilana was awesome this whole time:) Plus...Emerson just killed this one. That confession scene between Ben and Ilana was incredible!

And I'm interested to find out where Widmore will fit into this war. You'd think by Jacob's reaction that he'd be on Jacob's side but that'd put him and Ben on the same team and I just don't see that happening:)
lizardbeth: Jacoblizardbeth_j on March 11th, 2010 08:24 am (UTC)
I still believe Jacob was referring to Desmond, not Widmore. They aren't paying HIC to sit on his ass ALL season, surely? But given the connection between Desmond and Widmore (i.e. Penny and a grandson) it might be that there's been some rapprochement between them, and Desmond's on the sub too. But either way, I have to admit, setting course for Hydra Island, does not inspire me with Widmore's 'goodness' AT ALL. And yeah, Ben ain't never going to be on Widmore's side (at least not without a really impressive show of contrition on Widmore's part, but he seems pretty incapable of it).

Ilana was interesting before, but she was kinda... flat. This ep she finally got some complexity. And through her, I am now completely on board the Jacob Train. Before we only saw blind devotion, but now, we see affection and a really amazing capacity to forgive. I just can't believe Ilana (who knows WTF is going on, even if we don't), would do that or feel that way about someone who didn't actually have mankind's best interests at heart. Now, granted, humanity and individual best interest are probably not the same thing, but I am totes on TEAM JACOB.