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23 February 2010 @ 11:05 pm
LOST thoughts  

okay I'd read a bit about the Jack's kid thing in the AU- but I found the mirror motif far more interesting.
- Jack read Alice in Wonderland to David
- Jack only has custody once a month? aw.
- that kid reminds me of someone. Haley Joel Osment maybe.

Miles and Hurley FTW

OMG how is Jacob so awesome to me? Mark Pellegrino just rocks. (Hard to believe he was such a scumbag on Dexter, and yet so sympathetic both here and SPN. And okay, he's evil and sympathetic on SPN, but still.)

O no, JIN and Crazy!Cakes Claire!

HAHA, Jacob and Hurley and Dogen in the temple corridor. So Hurley and Jack have to do something in order to bring/lead "someone" to the Island? Survey says: DESMOND. (maybe Daniel, but my money's on Desmond right now, given that HIC is still in the credits).

Jacob is Obi-Wan? (as hubby so astutely puts it -- oh, so he's a LYING LIAR WHO LIES then? *snicker*) But no, I'm totes in the jacob=good, or at least jacob="godlike and neutral backgammon player" camp, not EVOL!jacob.

Claire is LOONEY TUNES. whoa, creepy baby cradle of obsession.

Her "father" (PseudoChristian) and her unnamed "friend" told her that the Others had Aaron -- so yeah, that's not evil at all...

Old Skool Lost - tramping through the jungle looking for something they don't understand? oh Darlton, you guys crack me up. But nice revisit to Adam and Eve and the coffin to remind people - yep, this ep definitely feels like an end game with all the reminders of the pieces getting thrown around.

oooh, "Don't know..." I'm really starting to feel like this AU isn't real at all - not that it's a dream, but maybe it's a dead-end universe that's just going to collapse back into the other timeline or something. I don't know. But Locke gets to work out his frustrations, Jack gets to deal with his family and being a dad, that's the thematic tie.

OMG THE LIGHTHOUSE IS AWESOME. (and unlike the cave, THIS looks like a place of Jacob's to match the foot.)

good job, Jack. I sure hope Jacob knew that would happen and that's why he wanted jack, because, man, otherwise, Jack just totally fucked over everyone. *sigh*

oh, yes, Jacob is, in fact, on top of it, and mainly wanted them out of the Temple (and maybe Jack to get his head out of his daddy issues - the walk past the coffin was likely deliberate). But no, you can't leave Miles there to face the Scary Thing (aka Flocke and Flaire) coming to there, noooo! And Richard was going there! Y'know, for as little as it turns out Richard knows, I still don't want him to get killed.

But hee, the promo was hilarious for next week: "We could only show you a few SECONDS of footage that we stole off the back of a truck before a team of NINJAS came after us!!!!" More or lesss. hee.

Some other thoughts afterward:

Gods, PLEASE TELL ME BEN HAS BEEN PLAYING EVERYONE ALL ALONG AT JACOB'S ORDERS. Because I think I would just die of the mindfuck. YES. I WANT THIS SOOOOO MUCH. Because, really, Jacob being dead is actually being far more helpful than he was alive -- so is he REALLY pulling an Obi-Wan and becoming more powerful in death than he was in life? Did Esau's "loophole" also open a loophole for Jacob?

And I see on the boards that the name at 108 degrees (108 - is the sum of the numbers) is "Wallace". Wallace was a colleague of David Hume's so... SURVEY STILL SAYS: DESMOND. i sure hope he finds another way to the Island. (I think the 'correction' at Shephard is a clue that the names aren't fixed, or perhaps are hidden).

Interesting how bitchy people are about answers and lack thereof: My advice
B) Watch the show.

But then I didn't feel like BSG shortchanged me regarding answers either. So. My standards are obviously quite different from some people's as far as "answers" go.

Speaking of LOST, the other day I read an interview with Yunjin Kim that was funny, regarding Jacob. She said she was so consumed with curiosity about Jacob that after she learned he'd been cast (finale of last season), she rushed right to Pellegrino's imdb page so she could finally see what Jacob looked like. hee. I love it when the actors are fangirls, too.
M: Kate/Claire textlessmfirefly10 on February 24th, 2010 08:01 am (UTC)
Gods, I hope you're right about Desmond! We didn't get anywhere near enough Desmond last season and I was really hoping this season would make up for it by making him so completely awesome! *fingers crossed* (Though, I guess I wouldn't mind if it were Dan. He's cool, too).

Jack's flash-sideways bored the crap out of me. The only thing I cared about was the mother's identity and I really hope it doesn't turn out to be someone odd (like Juliet or Libby).

I'm with you that I don't think Jacob's evil...but I don't think Not!Locke is evil, either. I imagine they're neutral and only kinda fit our concepts of good and evil because we need to put a name to everything.

Evil!Claire is awesome and I want moar of her. Now. Please?!

All in all, this episode kinda bored me, creepy!Claire scenes aside. I hope next week's (which I think is Jin/Sun centric) will hold my interest more.
lizardbeth: BSG- Templelizardbeth_j on February 24th, 2010 08:27 am (UTC)
Really? Boring? cuz, man, while I can see the AU stuff not being everyone's cuppa, the Lighthouse is fascinating to me. I mean, that's THE NUMBERS right there. That's what they mean, where it all comes from. Plus, all those little details like Shannon's inhaler and the name of Wallace at 108 -- I just LOVE those things.

That's why I watch this show. I don't really give a crap about most of the characters, tbh - I watch for the puzzle and the mysteries. So for me, this is a bonanza of links and references and theorizing, and I can't NOT pay attention, because I know I'll miss something that I'll think is important.

I am however smokin the LOST crack, so, y'know, YMMV, :D
M: Benry at his stalkery-bestmfirefly10 on February 24th, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
The Lighthouse scene, like the numbers scene from last week, was cool but I'm not sure that I really understood it. Like, I almost think there's more to it that we still have to learn and until that happens, it's all just set-up. IDK...maybe I just don't get it:)

Another part of it is that I just don't like Jack and I wish he wasn't so important to the storyline:)
patron saint of neglected female characters: sawyer-pirate geekrose_griffes on February 25th, 2010 03:25 am (UTC)
Remember how Rousseau killed everyone else in her scientific group at one point? 'Cause she said they were infected?! *cue spooky music*

Oh, Lost. Whee!
lizardbeth: Jacoblizardbeth_j on February 25th, 2010 07:39 am (UTC)
oh yes. This isn't the first time we've heard about the 'INFECTION OF WACKITUDE AND EVIL". And Crazysauce!Claire is mirroring her with her child obsession and bad hair, too!

I know, THIS SHOW iS CRACK ON CRACK, but I love it! It's like all the best days of BSG theorizing right now. I've spent more time on Lost these past few weeks than I have any other fandom thing.