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12 February 2010 @ 09:45 am
Happy Friday!  
eeee. SHOWS!

This show gets more awesome every episode.

SHE WASN'T IN THERE. I thought she probably wasn't but that is completely awesome.

Pearl's out, though. I hope we see her again.

Also, I'm not such a big Damon fan as some (I love his bad boy thing, but I have zero interest in a triangle and I don't particularly want him 'redeemed' enough for a triangle), but I did feel sorry for him. Not so much that Katherine wasn't in there, but that she'd dumped him like 150 year old spoiled cheese. poor guy - hold onto an obsession all that time, and then find out he was never more than any other boy toy to her. (aw, and Anna knew all along. SHE IS SO SMART, lOVE HER)

And also, Stefan was badass (Ben was kinda cute though, so that part saddens me). I love the glimpses we get that suggest it's a very, very good thing that Stefan has restraint and is a fairly moral guy. I'm sure we'll get some sort of episode about Dark!Stefan at some point, either due to a spell in the present or backstory of his Evil Past(tm), but for now I think it's far more intriguing to see fragments of it.

Aw, man, Grams. THAT IS SO SAD. poor Bonnie. (and how awesome was she doing whatever she did to Damon? And yet, being so welcoming to Stefan. Gonna miss her.)

Let's see: Tyler remains a dick, not news. Matt and Caroline are mildly entertaining but I don't really care about them.

But Jeremy remembering the vampire attack? AWESOME. Maybe he'll team up with Alaric and go vampire hunting like his ancestor?

WHY DID I GET INTO THIS SHOW RIGHT BEFORE A SUPER LONG HIATUS? *sigh* Guess I"ll have to watch them all again.

Ok, even though I'd seen the clips before the whole sequence with Castiel getting so HUFFY about the stupid Cherubs Third Class? still funny. And "They're not incontinent!" *dies* aw, Ben Edlund, WHY SO CRAZY???

I had thought the cupid would feature more, but that was a red herring. Or really, to underline again that Heaven PLANNED THE WHOLE THING. Because Heaven sucks. If only Hell didn't suck more.... Tessa was so right.

I thought this was one of the best constructed eps we've had for awhile. Good pacing, good reveals, and a bit ew bloody, but for an ep skewering Jensen's movie AND Valentine's Day, AND consumerism, not unexpected. heh.

I seriously thought Dean might call out for Michael there at the end. Because shit, suddenly, both Sam --> Lucifer and Dean-->Michael got way more possible. And considering it's an episode with a CHERUB in it? wow.

Famine was scary. Okay, evil old men with bad teeth are just scary.

DEAN, TRY CUTTING HIS RING OFF, HONEY. And yet, then we'd have missed a Sammy Crowning MOment of Awesome, so... I don't know. hm. They kept cutting to the knife being right next to Dean, and yet he didn't take it. So I guess his NOT taking it was deliberate, but still kinda odd.

And finally, *blinks* JIMMY IS STILL THERE? Or is his soul gone and it's just his body? That was unclear. Weird to think he got resurrected too. I kind of was thinking it was an aspect of Castiel becoming more human that he could fall prey to the spell, but if he's still in Jimmy's body, not just a body that happens to look like Jimmy NOvak".... huh. POOR JIMMY. what happens to him when Castiel's heavenly mojo is gone altogether? Does Castiel die and Jimmy's left, or is Jimmy's soul gone? Because that wasn't Jimmy in "The End".... I hope we get some kind of clarification there.

This means Castiel will also be vulnerable to Pestilence. oh dear.
(and as Damien will no doubt point out -- Death is still merrily carving his way through the southeast... *snicker*)

and *sniff* Sam back in the panic room. But at least he was strong enough to know to do it (and he didn't try to suck down the demons with Famine either).

MARCH 25, WTF, CW???? *sigh*