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20 January 2010 @ 09:40 am
Congratulations rhoboat  
rhoboat is the winner of Action Figure Theater! But you should all be glad, since I'm pretty sure this is an auction that everyone wins! :D

So you can do what you want: I can illustrate an episode (as I did with the Resistance/Farm), a story as I did with Two Tall Trees: AFT edition , or just make something up based on an idea/outline/whatever that you give me.

List of figures if it gives you some ideas:

Stargate Sg-1/SGA



If you want to wait a few weeks, I should also have Hammond and Baal. But those are on order.

Battlestar Galactica
In the large size (matching the SG-1/SGA figs above):

Head!Six (red dress)
Caprica Six
Sam (civilian and pilot)
Hot Dog

Leoben is on order, and in theory should be coming soon.

BSG Minimates:

All Cylons (Centurions, the Seven and the Dylons, some in multiple versions)

Gosh, I think that's all. *g* I might have missed a few, since they're not all right here, but that's most of 'em.

I also have a pretty large collection of LotR figures that are loose and the right size for the bigger figures if you want to do a really wacky crossover. *g*

rhoboatrhoboat on January 20th, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
*is excited*

Hi! I'm still trying to figure out this whole donation procedure. If you prefer any of the charities listed at help_haiti, let me know. (Comment here, PM, or email - webmaster(at)swirlythings(dot)net.

Otherwise, I'm thinking on waiting for you to get your Leoben figure. :D :D :D
lizardbeth: Leoben-Kara paint!sexlizardbeth_j on January 20th, 2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
No, no preference for organizations.

The Leoben (paired with Kara in civvies for all your dirty!wrong!shipping needs *g*) is supposed to be released in a week. But it's been put off twice already, so I don't know if it'll actually happen then. :(
rhoboatrhoboat on January 20th, 2010 07:48 pm (UTC)
Well, let me think on your offer a bit longer. Can I email you the donation confirmation? I'm afraid that the mods will be inundated with emails.
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on January 20th, 2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
Sure! There's no rush from my end. I should know if that Leoben is going to ship or not in a week. At least he HAS a release date -- the Baal figure just says "To be determined".... boo.

Yes, of course, you can mail it to me (lizardbeth99 AT gmail.com).. But if I'm understanding the rules correctly - if you have more than one winning bid, you also need to email/confirm with the mods (to make sure you're not using the same donation to cover all the bids). But if not, no worries, I can confirm for you.
Abyssisabyssinia4077 on January 21st, 2010 12:14 am (UTC)
the Baal figure just says "To be determined".... boo.

Ba'al and Hammond first had a release date of July, then January, and now "to be determined"

I am getting cranky at them. BAH!
lizardbeth: Baal - Continuumlizardbeth_j on January 21st, 2010 12:26 am (UTC)
yeah, no release date at all is worrisome. Like they haven't gotten to their magical number of orders to actually produce it.

I WILL BE VERY SAD if the series gets canceled.
lizardbeth: Leoben - Demetriuslizardbeth_j on January 20th, 2010 09:24 pm (UTC)
oh, and I was gonna say, if you have something in mind for Leoben, I do have the minimate of Leoben, so that's still a possibility. I've even mixed the sizes before to rather comical effect, in the Two Tall Trees picspam, so that's also a possibility.
rhoboatrhoboat on January 21st, 2010 12:59 am (UTC)
I just sent you a confirmation email. Here's a handy dandy link to confirm at help_haiti. :)

You have a minimate of Leoben? That could totally work. I'm rather fond of crack. :D

I've thought on this a bit more, but really, I'm pretty easy to please. I think as long as you work the Sams from BSG and SG1 into some sort of wacky crossover, I'd be very happy. Maybe some sort of clichéd "walks into a bar" scenario. I dunno. This is why I don't write fic. I'm not even very good at writing prompts! ^_^

Whatever you come up with, I'll be very happy indeed. Thanks so much!
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on January 21st, 2010 01:11 am (UTC)
Did you read/look at the Two Tall trees one I did before? It ends with Sam, Kara, Helo, and Sharon on Atlantis. I could do a sequel and sneak mini-Leoben in there?

Or Galactica could find SG-1 on some planet...

(and yes, got your confirmation)
rhoboat: Jack - WACKO!rhoboat on January 21st, 2010 01:18 am (UTC)
I did, I did! It made me laugh, and I love minimates Kara and Sharon. ♥

I haven't seen much SGA beyond S2, so I'm not as familiar with that series as I am with SG1. But a sequel to your Tall Trees picspam sounds AWESOME. :D