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13 January 2010 @ 02:22 pm
Fic: Bound to the Path  
Rating: ADULT
Pairing: Sam/Leoben
words: eh, 1500 ish

Note: This was meant to be for bsg_pornbattle but too late, oops. It's, um, fanfic, of my own fic, I guess. A non-canon 'missing scene' for The Thread of Ariadne. Would take place during their quarantine on the Raptor, though I don't think you actually have to be that familiar with The Thread of Ariadne to read this.

In the co-pilot's chair, Leoben pretends to sleep long enough that Sam finally relaxes in his chair and dozes off. But the moment Sam's breathing slows and his hand slips off the arm of the chair to his leg, Leoben's eyes open and he watches. He knows what happens when Sam sleeps these past few weeks; Leoben's stood outside the doorway, listening to soft cries of nightmares and murmurs of Thea's voice urging him to wakefulness. Those are almost always followed by the whisper of her hands caressing him and the sound of her lips kissing him. Often, there is more -- the noise of the bed creaking, and low moans and the wetter sounds of bodies coming together, to drive out the memories of torture and solitude. Sometimes, when he knows they're too wrapped in each other and won't notice, he steps into the archway to watch. He's always awed by the beauty of how they fit together, all long limbs and gleaming skin. Each time he learns a new lesson in how love and pleasure can overcome pain, and he thinks that this must be what it's like to be a Six.

Leoben knows the sight of all those dead Cylons, including some identical to his lover, will bring back the fear. So he waits.

Sam's restlessness starts early - with a twitch of his hand and a turn of his head against the back of his seat. He settles back to stillness though, and Leoben realizes why when he notices the pinkish glow on Sam's face. Leoben glances out the cockpit window to see the Raider hovering mere meters away, red sensor light pinned on Sam. It - and the rest of its squadron-mates - has already refused the recall order to remain out here to protect Sam, and now it seems to be connecting somehow, soothing him into quiet. The bond between them is unique and intriguing, and Leoben wishes he could share in it. But it's also frustrating, because Leoben wants to try out what he's learned and he won't be able to, if the Raider is there to help.

But eventually whatever the Raider's doing isn't enough and Sam stirs in the chair, head tossing restlessly back and forth. He moans in soft distress, eyes darting under his eyelids. Leoben turns the chair and his hand grips Sam's shoulder to give him a shake. "Sam."

The shaking seems to pitch Sam into a different nightmare, as his hands lift abruptly in a warding gesture and he starts gasping as if he can't breathe. "No, no, please, no, don't..."

The broken pleas make this all too real -- this isn't some experiment; these are memories of pain and fear so strong they're drowning Sam. Leoben realizes he's thinking selfishly, when the reason Sam trusts Thea is because she offers freely. Leoben must do the same, or the offer won't be true and nothing of truth can come from a lie. He leans closer and brushes his hand gently down Sam's cheek. "Sam, you need to wake up. It's a dream."

Sam hasn't shaved since he left the baseship and as Leoben's fingers go across the thin stubble, he remembers shaving off the beard Sam had grown in captivity. It had been the most intimate moment between them, and Sam was unconscious. Leoben wants him to understand, to know that Leoben is there to help him, too. Hand on Sam's face to keep it still, he leans closer still until he can press his lips to Sam's, curious and hopeful that this is right.

To his surprise, he has a glimpse of something else, a flash of Sam's nightmare: a white box, so bright it hurts the eyes.

He pulls back, startled. He decides it shouldn't be a surprise the connection is still open -- Sam has little control over his new skill yet. Leoben caresses his cheek and down his neck, murmuring, "It's just a dream, wake up, Sam."

He feels the moment Sam wakes, as a shudder goes through him. His lips part to draw deeper breath, and Leoben kisses him some more, drawing him awake and out of the lingering fear. Sam kisses back, at first needy and desperately seeking connection, until it dawns on him that this isn't anyone he expects. He pulls back, opening his eyes. "What? Leoben, what are you -- " he starts in hoarse confusion, until Leoben's thumb traces his lips into silence.

"You were dreaming," he explains. "Let me... let me help you."

"I'm okay," Sam insists, holding his breath so he's not panting. He doesn't know his hands are trembling or that Leoben can see his pulse in his throat, fluttering. He certainly doesn't know that his reflexive pride isn't nearly strong enough to quench the reflection of terror in his eyes.

"No, you're not okay. You have walked in a place of the dead, and they cling to you still. Let me remind you of life." He doesn't actually wait for permission, brushing his lips across Sam's again and then his throat, feeling that rapid heart beat against his tongue. Sam lets out a breathy gasp and tilts his head back to let Leoben closer, face in his neck, scent in his nose. He licks the long tendons down to the hollow of Sam's throat, as his hands slide up Sam's arms to his shoulders and down his chest in a slow, thorough caress.

"I'm dreaming this again," Sam whispers. "This is in my head, not real."

"I feel real," Leoben murmurs, and he can feel Sam's heart beating beneath his hand, "and so do you."

"It always does," Sam murmurs, but it's as if he gives in or can't resist anymore, because he groans and lifts his hips from the chair, sinking lower in it so his legs are splayed apart wide enough for Leoben to move between.

Leoben slides his hands beneath Sam's shirt, and his skin is warm and soft as Leoben pushes his shirt up, and then arches over him, to kiss him some more. Sam's mouth falls open to him, and Sam keeps him there with a hand cupping the back of his head, while their lower bodies press together. The accidental projection doesn't happen, but Leoben doesn't mind -- this reality seems preferable to any projection as his skin seems to come alive.

His hands fumble and hold Sam's against the chair arms, as he kisses and tastes the salt of sweat in the middle of his chest. Sam shifts in the chair, rising arousal clear against Leoben's belly. "Oh gods, please don't stop," Sam groans, "please don't stop."

Pleased that nightmarish begging for mercy has given way to pleading for satiation, Leoben smiles into his skin and doesn't stop, caressing and kissing down his torso, until he's sinking down to his knees while he unzips the lower half of Sam's flightsuit. His hands know what to do, learned on other Cylons including his brothers, as well as memories from humans other Twos lay with before the attack began. So he knows what friction and pressure points to touch to coax him erect, and he bends down to lick the shaft, unable to resist the taste or the way Sam's hips jerk at each long brush of his tongue. Sam's hand reaches down to touch his hair, caressing the one part of Leoben's body he can reach, until Leoben gives him a hand to grasp.

When his mouth closes over Sam's cock, sliding down, the Raptor melts into something else. The sun is hot, beating down on their naked bodies on the deck of a small sailboat, but a cool sea breeze brushes through his hair. It's not Leoben's projection and for a moment, he raises his eyes to gaze around in awe at the perfection of the scene, until a wordless protest returns his mind to his task. The heat on his back feels good, as his lips and tongue pull Sam closer to climax. Sam is breathless now, and he jerks in instinctive need for completion, thrusting into Leoben's mouth, and his pleas for more break into simple cries of yes.

Sam gives one hoarse warning, "I'm - I'm gonna - " Then his release hits. It is so human - all skin and nerves and hormones - yet they are not in the physical world in that moment of weakness when his body is overcome, turning the moment transcendent. The heat pulses, Leoben taking all of it eagerly. When he lifts his mouth away, the sea is gone, and they're in the Raptor again.

Sam recovers his breath, his eyes closed for a moment, and then looks at Leoben. "You didn't have to do that."

"I wanted to. Do you think you can sleep now?"

"I can return the favor," Sam offers, and his fingers tug on Leoben's shirt to bring him upward again, so their faces are close. "I don't want to only take."

Their mouths meet, but Leoben can sense the reluctance behind the offer of fair return. For a moment it's tempting, since he does want anything that Sam will give him, but he pushes away, letting his hand linger on Sam's chest. "No," he refuses, shaking his head. "My momentary sexual gratification would be poor exchange for destroying a miracle of God. I wanted only to help ease you, not cause more torment. Rest, Sam."

He moves to the back seat in the Raptor, to give Sam peace to put himself back together and convince himself that none of it happened, if he chooses. But Leoben wants to remember every detail and hold it to himself. There is contentment in giving oneself freely, and he understands now why Thea does it. They are like the Raider -- evolving deeper, fuller souls in exchange for being bound to the path of Sam's greater destiny.

Others might not agree, when the path grows dark with death as it did for the Cylons on the infected base ship, but he knows he would never choose otherwise.

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lizardbeth: Leoben-Kara paint!sexlizardbeth_j on January 14th, 2010 07:57 am (UTC)

that is a tasty image isn't it? ;)
Merry F: leoben maelstromivanolix on January 14th, 2010 12:50 am (UTC)
Oh, these two...love their relationship!
lizardbeth: Leoben - Demetriuslizardbeth_j on January 14th, 2010 08:33 am (UTC)
Leoben wants so badly to be significant in the greater scheme of things. But at least he figured out a better path to get attention than Kara's pet Leoben did. ;)

(Deleted comment)
lizardbeth: Anders - gunlizardbeth_j on March 5th, 2010 01:33 am (UTC)
thank you! :D
ferrit3000 on April 26th, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks for this story. It's such a great pairing, there needs to be more of it :(
lizardbeth: Leoben - Demetriuslizardbeth_j on April 27th, 2010 10:59 pm (UTC)
Yep, not enough Sam/Leoben. I have written a few others fics with them, which I'll presume you found, since you're working your way through the index. *g* But yeah, I like them. This one I like especially because it's THISCLOSE to being 'canon' for my long epic AU, and is definitely how Leoben feels even though he doesn't act on it.

But anyway, thanks!