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01 January 2010 @ 10:39 am
Fic in Review 2009  
Happy New Year!

In conjunction with the Yuletide author reveal it's time for my annual tradition of the 2009 Fic in review!

First, because I'm always most proud of the really long stuff, my two Big Bang novels of the year:

The Thread of Ariadne
Not All That We Are, Part III
Anders brings the Cylons another step on the journey, as Kara does the same for the Fleet. But the price for the truth may be more than either of them can bear.

The Road to Tartarus
Sam is now an alien on her homeworld, host to a larval Tok'ra queen, and wonders where to go from here, while Asheron has trouble with old memories of terror. Meanwhile, an old enemy stretches forth his hand to recapture what he lost years ago.

BSG Series of 2009:
Nellis-'verse, Earth AU, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, ADULT. New in 2009!
- The Fine Art of Dishwasher Repair. Kara needs her appliance fixed and Sam's up for the job. Customer satisfaction is his first priority.
- Laundry Services . Now the wash machine is broken.
- Disaster . Sam's bird nearly crashes; Kara copes in her own way.
- One on One , their first meeting.
- Officer and Gentleman , Kara likes a man in uniform. And out of uniform.
- First Holiday . They establish a new tradition.

Before It's Too Late Verse, Sam Anders/Leoben, ADULT. 2009 additions to the 'verse:
- Til you feel it . Short Caprica porny moment.
- Buried Beneath All the Lies. On New Caprica during the Occupation, truth and lies.
- Nothing Is Real Til It's Gone. post-Sometimes a Great Notion. Leoben worries for Sam, as the revelations of Earth start to rip everyone apart.
- Trapped in the Space Between. Sam and Leoben are trapped between the bulkheads during the mutiny. (AU post-Disquiet...)

BSG stand-alones:

Memorial Hall, Kara/Sam. PG. At the wall at the end of Revelations.

Finding You Again, Kara/Sam. Sam wakes up from his coma, but he doesn't remember Kara.

Come to Light, Kara/Sam, Sam/Narcho. Kara finds out something about Sam. She puts it to use in the sequel:
Dionysus, Kara/Sam. Kara gives Sam what he needs.

The High Cost of Living, Sam Anders/Kara Thrace. Season 4.5 from Sam's point of view. Tessa the reaper (from Supernatural) thinks he's dead; Sam disagrees.

Alone, Together , Sam Anders/Lee Adama (ref: Sam/Kara, Kara/Lee), ADULT. Post-finale AU.
Sam and Lee discover they have more in common than they thought. But destiny can't be averted so easily.

Imperfect Parentage
Sam Anders and John Cavil. PG, Gen. Spoilers thru No Exit.
The last thing Sam heard was Leoben's voice, asking about Kara.

Just a Little Late , Sam Anders/Kara Thrace, ADULT. Warning: RAPE.
AU to Blood on the Scales. Kara comes to rescue the prisoners a little too late for Sam.

Phoenix Arisen , Sam Anders/Jean Grey. Crossover with X-Men, sort of. ADULT.
On Earth, Sam hears a voice in the wind: Welcome home, my love.

Other fandoms:

Another Chance, SG-1, Sam Carter/Malcolm Barrett. R.
After Insiders, Sam discovers that maybe what she's been looking for has been right in front of her all along.

Shadow-watcher. SPN. NC-17. AU. Dean/Castiel.
Dean Winchester works on cars, plays in a band; Castiel is not an angel. One night, a chance encounter starts haunting Dean's dreams.

The Most Reliable Network, SPN, episode tag to 502. Dean and Castiel, gen.

Numbered Days , TSCC, ensemble, R.
In the post-finale future, the Resistance investigates Skynet's mysterious installation in Topanga Canyon. (written for scc_reloaded)

- This is not an exit , American Psycho. Patrick Bateman finally gets what's coming to him.
(My meta on writing it is over here. It was a difficult thing to write, but the effort seems to have paid off. I was hugely surprised and pleased by the popularity and comments on it.)

"Treats" I wrote (i.e. late stories, in the last few days before Christmas, but all over 1000 words):
- Something to Treasure, Terminator Salvation, John/Kate, pre-film. A bit of romance and introspection for Kate, and telling John she's pregnant. I still like it, even if it sank like a stone. *shrug*

- Be Not Afraid, Babylon 5, Sinclair and Garibaldi during WWE. It's a bit of an AU- where Jeff actually speaks to Garibaldi before the mission begins, and then a bit of elaboration on Michael's reaction as he learns the truth. Back in the original airing era, there was a bit of a sub-genre of "how Michael took the news", so this is a topic I've been playing with a LOOOOONG time. *g*

- Just a Chance of Better Days, Jeremiah. The first Christmas at Thunder Mountain. I wrote this one because it's not quite Yuletide for me without Jeremiah fic, and it didn't look as if the fandom would have one (turned out there was another, after all, but that's okay!) I've never dealt with that immediate post-Big Death era, so that was interesting. The temptation to make it a prequel to my previous Christmas-in-Thunder-Mountain was hard to resist, but I knew that'd totally destroy any hope of anonymity.

2009 Fic Meme (links are in the index, scroll up)

Total: Two novels of over 60,000 words each (though some of that word count was done before 2009). One novella. About 15 other stories. A smattering of random comment!fic. Four main fandoms, plus four others for Yuletide.

My best story: hm. I love both of my Big Bangs, of course, but I'm gonna go with The High Cost of Living, because it took a canon I didn't like and. without going AU, made it into something I can tolerate by adding another level of what we didn't see. However, I'm pretty sure that This is not an exit would be considered the "best" by anyone who isn't me.

My favorite story: The Thread of Ariadne. How can I NOT love it (and squish it, and be mournful that more people don't love it, too).

Story most under-appreciated by fandom, in my opinion: The High Cost of Living. It's not REALLY a scary crossover, I promise! It's 4.5 fix-it fic. *sigh*

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write: "The Messengers" -- which is not finished and not online yet, but it's almost 30K words of WING!FIC.

Most fun: The Nellis-verse AU, in which Sam and Kara are both fighter pilots stationed at Nellis AFB. It's my 'go-to' place for less complicated romance and short porny ficlets.

Sexiest story: Come to Light/Dionysus. Kara watches Sam get frakked, and then deciding it's HER job. Voyeurism and pegging. It's a Kinkapalooza!

Hardest story to write: This is not an exit, for all the reasons detailed in my meta on the subject.

Easiest to write: Shadow-Watcher. Castiel is a vampire! c'mon, easiest story EVER.

Did you take any writing risks this year?: I signed up to write for American Psycho, and wrote it.

Biggest disappointment: Admittedly, it was a Yuletide Treat, but I didn't think Something to Treasure was THAT bad.

Biggest surprise: okay, not a "surprise" as such, since I did actually sign up to do it, but HOLY JEEBUS, I ACTUALLY FINISHED THE ROAD TO TARTARUS!!

Fanfic Goals for 2010:
- Finish "Black Sails at Dawn" -- the final part of the "Not All That We Are" AU.
- write the next section of the Shadow-Watcher AU.
- Finish the Wing!fic of Doom

In celebration of Ariadne and Tartarus, I'm offering the following: Deleted Scene by Request!

Give me a character and/or timeframe for either of those novels or their prequel stories, and I will write you a snippet. I know both have pretty restrictive points-of-view and quite a lot is going on, "off-stage", that I don't detail. So, if you read either of those and would like to hear about another character, see some other POV, or some other event, lay it on me!
Allison: K/A - Other Sidefrolicndetour on January 1st, 2010 08:40 pm (UTC)
Gah, I have got to get back to The Thread of Ariadne! And now I kind of want to read your take on American Psycho too...
lizardbeth: C Balelizardbeth_j on January 2nd, 2010 07:53 am (UTC)
if you're at all familiar with the film or the novel, you can read the story since it's basically an epilogue. There's a violence warning on it, but that's more for general subject matter than any particular action.

go forth, read! (otherwise you won't read the end either (or worse, you will read the end without this middle bit, and not get all my cleverness), and then I'll have to make pouty faces, and you DON'T WANT THAT ;P)

(Ariadne, I mean. /vagueness)

Edited at 2010-01-02 07:54 am (UTC)