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23 December 2009 @ 02:57 pm
Holiday stuff  
Wrapping gifts while kidlet is out of the house... man, there is some seriously cheap awful paper for sale. It doesn't cut, doesn't take a fold, and looks ugly once it's on besides. yuck.

I have the most boring gifts for hubby EVER. NOthing clever or interesting at all. OTOH I found something from last year for Kidlet which I hid away so well, I forgot about it. Stocking Stuffer!

Kidlet decorated a gingerbread house a few days ago It's adorable! He had to make a car out of candies of course.

I need to do another treat so I don't have a weird multifandom THEME going for Yuletide. oops.
Also, it turns out I know hardly any fandoms, not well enough to do treats for, anyway.