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15 December 2009 @ 09:52 pm
I just lost every single Ebay auction for any C-Bucs costume I might possibly fit into. I hope it was to fellow fans/cosplayers, willing to spend more money than I was. Though for one nervewracking moment I thought I might win two--- right before one or more people completely kicked my ass. *sigh* ah well, can't be lucky with those auctions all the time, I guess, and my credit card is happier.
Merry F: sam andersivanolix on December 16th, 2009 06:06 am (UTC)
Oh, that sucks. I almost bid on the couple that I could fit into, but after seeing how high they went last auction, I knew my budget couldn't handle it. I have my token C-bucs prop to keep me from being too reckless with anything else. ;-)
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on December 16th, 2009 06:20 am (UTC)
WANT MOAR!!! *g* Since I already made a C-Bucs shirt, I was hoping to get the rest. But no -- or at least not at a price I was willing to pay.
rhienellethrhienelleth on December 16th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
Costuming always catches my attention! What is this C-Bucs you refer to?

And sorry, about losing the ebay auctions. :(
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on December 16th, 2009 06:42 pm (UTC)
From BSG. They've been auctioning off the costumes from the Plan movie. I made a version for myself, but the ones they were auctioning came with the jackets and things that I don't have. So I was hoping to wear it for cosplay at the next con I go to. :(
greygreycoupon on December 16th, 2009 08:49 pm (UTC)
I also got outbid on everything. I was mostly trying for Sam's watch or binky but I'm on a budget.

Did you see how high Kara's boots went?
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on December 16th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
No, sorry, I was only watching the costumes, trying to "strategize" since they each closed one after the next. It all turned out to be COMPLETELY USELESS since I got sniped on all of them. *pout*

entertaining in a disturbing way: Anders sweetlyssie on December 17th, 2009 01:18 am (UTC)