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10 December 2009 @ 11:05 am
Adventures in Wiki Land  
Sometimes Yuletide fic research gets a little.... esoteric. I now know more about the chart positions of Whitney Houston's early songs than I really ever wanted to. (don't ask)

And yet, there it is, gathered into a tidy bundle on Wikipedia. *sigh* Even ten years ago, I would probably have just BS'd my way through, knowing she had a whole bunch of number ones. But now I actually KNOW. That piece of useless trivia probably just overwrote three SG-1 episode titles and my sister-in-law's birthday. THANKS YULETIDE.

But I have about 3K on the story and it's getting closer.

And then, last night, there was THAT THING THAT HAPPENED ON TEE VEE.

Damn, these last few Criminal Minds have been just wrenching. I empathize with Hotch and Haley and Little Jack a little TOO much, I think. I always liked Haley, unlike most of fandom, because I understood her. I know women like her who couldn't take the hours and the danger of being married to a cop, no matter how much they love their husbands. I liked the two of them together, and kind of hoped they'd get back together. *sad sigh* But really, I have to love the writers for remembering to treat her death with the amount of dignity and loss it deserved. So often in these sorts of storylines, the aftermath is left to just the tag and the next episode it's like nothing happened.

Anyway, Gibson was really great. The opening narration starts out with his usual voice and then, slowly, starts to break as we find out how long Haley and Aaron were together. It's even MORE TRAGIC THAN I THOUGHT. HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS. OH GOD. Then finally it cuts to his friends, who look horribly helpless, and to little Jack standing there. WAY TO BREAK ME EARLY, SHOW! And then when they're watching the video.... *cries*

Case? Whatever. Don't care. My heart is completely stomped on.

But I love the way Morgan's stepped up this season in his absence. And finally Rossi was less intellectual about it all, and offered some real understanding. I was also pleased that the show didn't forget JJ's situation, and how it very well could mirror Hotch-- she's really been playing it as if it hits even closer to home to her, as it should.

I wish Gideon would show up to talk to Hotch, though, even though I know it won't happen. He could offer a different viewpoint on why he SHOULD leave, when the deck was stacked so highly the other way (understandably since Gibson's not leaving the show, but still, it was presented as such an all-or-nothing, there was no real choice). It was a lovely ending, anyway.

"she already knows."

brb. buying stock in Kleenex.