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12 November 2009 @ 10:20 am
ETA: Yuletide is closed for sign-ups.

I am vastly amused that TWO OTHER PEOPLE have now requested 'Viva La Vida' fic. That's why Yuletide is awesome! 2143 total crazy people! YAY! 45 requests for B5 fic! 65 for Leverage! *boggles*


About the time signups close is when I should hear if I'm going to post Ariadne this week, or have to wait for a pinch-hitter artist. I think I just got stood up for prom... all dressed up with nowhere to go!

ETA 2: apparently the lovely and talented mrsdrjackson got in line first and will be my pinch-hitter artist! *kisses* Have fun, ladies.

At the rate I keep fiddling with the fic, I'll have added another 1000 words by Tuesday. But this isn't helping me do anything else, unfortunately.