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05 November 2009 @ 08:47 pm
tee vee goodness!  
Damn it, I forgot until there was only ten minutes left, this was the FlashForward with CKR in it. Meant to DVR it, but I'll have to catch it online.

But the rest of the night?



SIT COM! Grey's with JDM reference! And also, thank you Show for bonus Steve Bacic (who I like ever so much more than McDreamy).

Japanese game show with bonus Castiel. "What are you doing?" *loves "pretty angel"*

*metal teeth chomp*
FAKE COMMERCIAL FOR "herpexia". *dies*

God, I hate laugh tracks.

And Castiel to warn them again.

"No talent douchebags".
OMG that's like the best Caruso ever.

And then... Trickster is GABRIEL. WOW. HOW AWESOME. And yet, how much sense, especially after Prius!Dean so we know they have the power and it makes even more sense about Trickster's trying to get through to Sam in Mystery Spot.

and also, poor Castiel. His big brothers keep kicking him. STOP IT YOU BIG MEANIES

And next week? I'll bring the popcorn if you wanna watch fandom melt down with me.

AFterward the same actress who was Daphne on True Blood, was on the Mentalist. Oh, I'm so glad she got her just desserts in this show, too. Yes, I'm still mad at Daphne.
carpenyx: spn | and he will bleedcarpenyx on November 6th, 2009 04:49 pm (UTC)
OMG best!

The herpes comm. I seriously (didn't see the CW logo) thought it was a real commercial for a second, LOL

Castiel does have one big dysfunctional family, LOL