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25 December 2009 @ 01:30 pm
Dear Yuletide Author!  
YAY! IT'S YULETIDE! *spins wildly*

First, thank you for offering to write something for something I love way too much!

It's a little different for me this year, since two of my requests aren't "traditional" fic fandoms, so first of all, I salute you for even attempting the weird. There is no fic for my two crack fandoms, and of the other two? I've written a lot what there is, myself. So someone else writing something is AWESOME! (I like my own stuff and all, but still, it's fun to just read, y'know?)

My requests are:
Google Ninjas
CJ Cherryh - Foreigner series
Viva La Vida
(yes, bystanders, the song by Coldplay)

1. JEREMIAH (tv) - Markus
I wrote: Markus is my favorite character in this fandom (though I love them all, so I don't mind if any others appear). But I'd love a story from when Thunder Mountain was still closed to the outside or how about after the series, what happens?

Further stuff: Look, peek around my lj and you'll find I've written quite a lot about Markus. The last two Yuletide fics for this 'verse were mine about Markus, I have a post-series buddy adventure fic with him and Jeremiah, and I also co-wrote a fic novel, Distorted Reflections , which features him pretty heavily. So yeah, I like him a lot. :)

He's a talky thinker, a pragmatic idealist, and a somewhat socially inept leader with this huge tragic romance. It's all so fascinatingly contradictory. He was a child prodigy (okay, not specifically confirmed, but he's very intelligent, and we know he hacked the base at 14 and Sean wasn't surprised), so he was never 'normal', even before he became the 'dad' to a bunch of little kids and managed to keep them alive for fifteen years in a big hole in the ground. I personally believe he's the "strange attractor" to Daniel and an important figure to the God of the series, so I doubt that in any future he'd stop being important.

Does he finally find someone after the series? If you wanna pair him up, Markus is one of the few people I think the sex of his partner could be utterly immaterial to him. I've considered him both monk-like in his faithfulness to Meaghan, suppressing his own needs (which would make him really fucked up later), or having relationships on the side all along (fucked up in a different way because he'd have to keep two halves of his intimate life so separate from each other). So if you want to write him a companion, I can believe Erin, Jeremiah, Kurdy, Lee, and Theo about equally. I have a personal shipping thing for Rachel (the Asian resistance leader in s2) because Markus desperately needs someone who won't put up with his crap. But give me a way to believe it, and I'll buy it.

But it doesn't have to be a 'ship fic at all - what was life like in the Mountain before Jeremiah and Kurdy opened the doors? He had a lot of pressure on him, keeping things running while also keeping secrets from his friends.

That should be enough to spark an idea, I hope. I love this 'verse, and I love Markus. just gimme more and I'll be happy!

Final note: I hate the graphic novel script that made the rounds a while back. Please don't use it.

2. GOOGLE THEMES - Ninja Theme
Prompt: They're adorable. She fights a dragon with her fan! He likes to dust! TELL ME MORE ABOUT THEM.

More: Gosh, so many things. You could expand on any of the scenelets we have, or try to make them all into a single narrative, or how they met, or how she finally persuades him to take off his ninja gear...

I'm not fixated on accuracy for this in terms of Japan or real Ninjas, so don't feel you have to kill yourself researching it. I love these two little people with the big heads because they're cute and fierce.

(these are in alphabetical order by the filename, not chronological as Google uses them. For inspiration!)











3. C J Cherryh - Foreigner series - Bren Cameron/Jago
Prompt: I'm looking for something about their relationship: the salacious details of their first time, how Banichi views them, etc. Or perhaps a piece of their lives when they're not getting shot at.

More thoughts:
if you can write something from Jago's (or Banichi or Tabini or whoever's) pov about their relationship, that would be great. I know how intimidating the atevi pov is to write, so if that feels too hard, I'd also love to find out exactly what happened that first time they got together, or how Toby found out about his brother shacking up with his bodyguard. Despite the fact that we've spent so much time with Bren and so deep in his head, there's things we don't know. Or quiet moments when they don't have to worry so much about The Fate of the World.

I just love the complexities of their inter-species relationship -- the tangle of love and man'chi and assassin/bodyguard that binds them together, and how the atevi don't seem to care that Jago's intimate with her charge.

I've read and love all the books, so you can set it whenever you want.

4. Viva La Vida (song) - The King
Details: The song pretty much lays it out, but what happened? Was it France? Rome? Was it some magical fairy tale kingdom? How did he get away to roam the moors (if you use the video)? I've loved the song since I first heard it, and I want to know more!

Viva La Vida - the video from Coldplay.com (the "alternate" video)

Pet Shop Boys cover/parody video (on the rear screen)

You can use either or neither, as inspiration strikes you. Feel free to make it all up, too -- it doesn't have to be a real world king/emperor or based on a real event at all, so far as I'm concerned. But please don't get modern politics in my happy shiny crack, thanks.


(some of this is probably not even applicable, but anyway)
I like slash, het and gen pretty equally. I love h/c, angst and plot and people who keep secrets. I like religious/mystical themes and the question of fate and free will. I like humor (though I don't often write it myself). I'm not a big fan of PWP sex in this context.